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What Questions Should I Expect from Retail Buyers?

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What questions should I expect from retail buyers when I sell fireworks in my area?

Well, be ready to field a few oddball questions, but most consumers simply want your help with product information. Although it’s now easier to research what fireworks do by watching videos online, many people will look to you for expert guidance and product advice.

Therefore, these are some of the most common questions you can expect to get when you’re running a fireworks store, tent, or stand.

What Questions Should I Expect from Retail Buyers?

Make of this what you will, but the first question is going to be . . .

Where are the illegal fireworks?

Yes, brace yourself for folks who will ask you for unlawful stuff like M-80s, cherry bombs, and all the “good stuff underneath the counter.” Your response should always be: “we are a legal establishment, cannot carry that illegal product, and you shouldn’t use those because you could get hurt.”

Reputable sellers should inform their customers that they only carry products approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and fully tested by the American Fireworks Safety Laboratory (AFSL). This is the fastest way to deflect the M-80 question.

Questions Related to How Loud They Are

Then you can expect the next big question to be: what’s the loudest thing you have?

This is a more legitimate question, and you should prepare yourself to field it effectively by broadening your product knowledge as much as possible. Here, you can point them to any 60-gram shells, which are some of the loudest fireworks products. Most of the 500g and 200g cakes will be loud as well.

If you aren’t already a product expert, don’t panic. There will be plenty of time to learn all about specific items, especially if you work with another seller for your first year in business. That’s one reason we recommend that so much for novice fireworks salesmen.

Then, many folks will ask the opposite question: what doesn’t make any noise? While all fireworks have some audible volume, there are certain ones that are quieter than others.

Another big question we get is: which fireworks are the most colorful? Again, the key to both questions is knowing the various product contents (more on this below).

What Other Questions Should I Expect from Retail Buyers?

Most folks will view you as a fireworks quality expert. They’ll rely on you to tell them which items are “good,” as well as what would fit their 4th of July fireworks budget.

Make sure you have a few favorites and learn the various price categories. In other words, be able to counsel buyers on what would work for $20, $200, or even for larger budgets over $500.

Customers will also want to know if it’s illegal to buy fireworks from you and shoot them off at home. You should respond by asking them whether it’s legal for them to shoot them in their location. A good idea is to list local cities where fireworks discharge is prohibited and make that a bag stuffer.

Where Can I Learn More About Black Cat Fireworks?

Besides the on-the-job expertise you’ll get by selling fireworks, another way to learn about the products, and answer any consumer question, is to check out everything on our website. We have resources that can help you identify the best firecrackers, bottle rockets, sparklers, and more. Plus, everything we offer has a helpful product description and video demonstration.

This is useful even to experienced pyros because we’re always developing new fountains, aerial fireworks, reloadable fireworks, and novelty items. Since it’s not realistic to light each one on your own to test the effects, it’s nice to have an online database for everything related to fireworks. That’s what we furnish at Black Cat.

Need More Help Selling Fireworks? Call us Anytime!

The whole reason we’ve made this fireworks sellers’ content is because we want you to be successful as a fireworks dealer. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be willing to partner with new sellers and vendors. There’s never been a better time to start a small fireworks company, really hustle, and take advantage of Black Cat trademarks to grow your business.

Contact us today for other helpful suggestions if you’re still wondering “what questions should I expect from retail buyers.”

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