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A Guide to the Best Firecrackers

Guide to the Best Firecrackers

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The best firecrackers are a matter of opinion. It will all depend on what you are looking for. Lots of loud noise, bright flashing sparks, and flames, long-lasting display. Wild colors.

Firecrackers are a fun way to liven up a party or outdoor event. There are firecrackers with a single blast, multiple blasts, loud, not-so-loud. Firecrackers have a long history and are still just as much fun today.

The best firecrackers are going to depend on what you are planning to do with them.

Cracker Bomb

The cracker bomb is a great flash and display for a quick, loud blast. Set it off and stand back for a large blast and lots of popping, flashing, and sparks. It’s a great way to celebrate almost anything.

They don’t last long but they do give a great deal of show and pleasure in a few seconds. You can watch a cracker bomb go off here. This is great for any occasion.

M-150 Salute

For a blast from the past, there is nothing like some old-fashioned firecrackers. These are something everyone had as a kid and are still enjoyed today. This 12-piece set of M-150 Salute firecrackers is the basic starter kit.

There is also this assorted pack of M-150 Salute firecrackers. These are loud and go off quickly for a big bang and lots of excitement. These will give you a nice little bang for your buck.

Firecracker Bomb

One of the best firecrackers is the Firecracker Bomb. This is a compact little package with a massive bang. Once lit, this has over 600 firecrackers inside. It goes off with a lot of fanfare.

Expect noise, lights, flashing sparks, and it is perfect for daytime or nighttime. It provides a lot of action for a few seconds, so get a few for your special event and enjoy them all night long.

String of Fire

If you are looking for a guide to the best firecrackers that last a little longer, then the String of Fire is perfect. Just as the name suggests, it’s a long string of firecrackers that all go off in a chain reaction.

This string of your favorite Black Cat firecrackers has red and green flashing colors to add to the excitement. Once the first one is lit, just sit back and enjoy the succession of firecracker power.

Mega Salute

The Mega Salute is a small but powerful firecracker. These are still a very popular choice for all of you fireworks enthusiasts. Small but powerful, the Mega Salute doesn’t disappoint.

They will fizzle and leave you hanging and then you get a big explosion and the big bang you have come to expect from Black Cat firecrackers. Still some of the best firecrackers.

Flashlight Firecrackers

Another guide to the best firecrackers and a long-time favorite is the Flashlight Firecrackers. These are powerful firecrackers that will be sure to please everyone who wants a bit of flash and bang.

Joined together, they are lit and then you wait as the fizzle begins to grow, and then finally there is a lot of explosion going off everywhere. These are a lot of fun for everyone and pack a punch.

The Best Firecrackers

Whether you are looking for something for your camping trip, something loud and flashy to mark a special occasion, or just want some firecracker fun, check out his link to find the best firecrackers at your nearby Black Cat Fireworks dealer.

If you don’t see what you need, just contact us and ask. We can find you whatever you need.

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