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What Is a Plasma Gun Firework?

Plasma Gun Firework

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If you’re interested in obtaining unique, interesting fireworks for your next celebration, then consider purchasing a plasma gun by Black Cat Fireworks. This product represents exciting firework innovation and modern consumer pyrotechnic fun.

Read on to learn more about what these fireworks are, how to safely set them off, and what kind of effects they produce!

Unique Hand-Held Fountain Firework

Plasma guns are fountain fireworks, meaning they are non-aerial pyrotechnics that emits a colorful spray of sparks from the hand. While most fountain fireworks are placed on the ground, these devices are handheld.

Typically, this product is about 24 inches in length and about 2 and ⅓ inches in diameter. Once lit, emits an intense 30-second shower of sparks of the tube.

Since these products are non-aerial devices, they can be excellent choices for use in residential areas. Of course, safety protocols should still be stringently followed to ensure the health, safety, and enjoyment of all celebration participants.

Plasma Gun Firework Safety Protocols

Since you hold the container as it is lit and set off, these fireworks require an additional level of body awareness and safety protocols in order to safely enjoy them.

The first step to enjoying these best selling fireworks is to follow basic pyrotechnic safety by finding a suitable area to enjoy the product. Since these are fountain fireworks, they won’t shoot any projectiles into the air, and thus do not require as open an area as aerial fireworks do. However, you will still need to make sure that you secure a space with around 20 feet of aerial clearance to account for the flying sparks.

You will also need to ensure that participants are standing far enough away from the firework not to get hit by any of the sprays by requesting that everyone stand several feet away from the firework.

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