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What are Fountain Fireworks?

fountain fireworks

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Fountain fireworks can come in different versions, but no matter which version you go for, you are sure of a good display. Often, it merely comes down to the size of the firework with one of the most common being the 200g version, but larger ones do exist.

A Small Fountain

When we are talking about a small fountain, then you are looking at it being around the 200g mark. With this, you are going to get a display that lasts for anywhere from roughly 30 seconds up to pretty much a maximum of one minute. On the odd occasion, you might get something that lasts just over a minute, but that’s more unusual.

Due to the way in which they throw out their display, you need to make certain that there’s no debris around that could easily catch fire. There will be some sparks being thrown out there, so double check everything to prevent an accident. On the plus side, you don’t have to keep your audience back as far as you do with other fireworks. Somewhere in the region of 25-30 feet will suffice.

How Fountain Fireworks Work

A fountain is going to be operated via a single ignition. However, the actual show that they put on will go up to around 10ft, so keep that in mind when it comes to safety. Of course, larger fountains will put on a bigger show, and then you are looking at them reaching bigger heights.

Larger Fountains

If you are going for a larger fountain, then it does mean you can rightfully expect there to be a bigger show.

With a larger fountain, you will tend to notice that they come with a larger surface area on top. This helps them to put on that bigger show, so do pay attention to the packaging as way of knowing what to expect when you light that single ignition.

While the small fountain will generally last for around a minute, or less, the same cannot be said about larger fountains. Actually, there are brands out there that will put on a show for up to five minutes at a time, and those fountains can be pretty spectacular.

If you want to know about the potential height, then you are looking at larger fountains going up as high as 15ft, so that’s something you need to think about when setting it up.

Safety with Either Version

No matter which option you go for, you need to be aware of safety, and this becomes even more important when you remember that you are dealing with a low-level fountain.

Now, by low-level what we mean is that it basically stays on the ground. It’s not a case of you light it, and it shoots up into the sky and explodes. Instead, the firework stays there and puts on its show.

What that means is you must stress to people that there’s a very real need of staying back from the firework. You also need to pay more attention to potential debris in the area that may be ignited by a spark.

Disposing of a fountain is the same as it is with any firework. You need to leave it sitting there to cool down, and leave it there untouched for around an hour. Then, you should place it in a bucket of water where it should remain overnight. Only then can you place it in your trash.

Fountain fireworks put on a spectacular show, and they have to be one of the most fun low-level fireworks out there. With different sizes available, they will certainly entertain, and what more could an audience want?

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