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What Are Missile Fireworks? 

Missile Fireworks

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Missile fireworks are an old-school design of fireworks that are used all around the world for celebrations. The design of these fireworks invokes images of 1960s era space shuttles in all of their fiery glory.

In this article, you’ll learn about these products and how to light and enjoy them safely.

Consumer Missile Fireworks

Of course, these consumer-grade products are much smaller than their grand ancestors of ancient China. Today, these fun pyrotechnics typically come 8 inches long to 14 inches long.

What is the Difference Between Missile and Rocket Fireworks?

Often confused as the same device, missile and rocket fireworks are separate products with distinct designs.

The main difference between these two pyrotechnics is rooted in how these products are supported at the base.

Missiles are supported with a fin design. Three fins are attached to the bottom of the product that stabilizes it on the ground. They must be securely stabilized on flat ground to ensure they don’t tip over.

Rockets, on the other hand, are supported with a long stick that must be placed in either a bucket of sand or appropriate containers.

Missile Barrage Fireworks

You may also see missile barrage fireworks for sale that look a bit different than an individual missile. These are sold in packages of usually 100 or more little missiles that are all wired together and lit with one fuse.

The missile barrages produce an effect of a rapid succession of small whistling pops of color and sound, rather than one big colorful explosion.

Where to Set Them Off

As with all fireworks, following proper lighting and handling protocols ensure the safety of all who are enjoying the show.

These devices are not intended for you to use in residential areas due to their intensity and the left-over product that falls back to the ground once ignited.

Instead, find a large open area away from powerlines, trees, and buildings to enjoy the fireworks celebration. Missile fireworks must be shot from a flat surface. Grass or any type of uneven surface can result in the missile flying off course and is very dangerous. Use a piece of plywood if you are shooting from a grass surface. A paved surface is best.

A safety perimeter of at least 100 feet is recommended with missiles to protect everyone from what the fireworks industry calls “the fall-out zone”.

How to Set Them Off

Below we have listed the proper steps to safely lighting missile fireworks.

Place the missile with all three fins securely stabilized on the ground. You should point the tip of the missile toward the open sky.

After ensuring all spectators are at least 100 feet away from the device, light the fuse at the bottom of the missile with a punk, torch, or lighter. Using punk is always the preferred method.

Retreat to the safety permitted outside of the fall-out zone.

Enjoy the show!

Remember never to position any part of your body over the firework. If you think the product is a dud, you still should not hover yourself over the firework as it may have a delayed ignition.

Where to Purchase

Remember to check your local and state laws before using missile fireworks because not all locations permit them.

If you live in an area where they are legal to possess and use, you can purchase them at reputable online and in-store locations.

It’s essential to purchase your fireworks from reputable dealers to ensure safety and performance. Black Cat Fireworks offers high-quality, trustworthy consumer fireworks at many locations across the US and online.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a consumer firework that packs a serious punch and explodes into a delightful display of colors and shapes, then consider purchasing a classic missile.

For all things consumer fireworks, and for any questions about choosing or using missile fireworks, you can always reach out to the brilliant folks at Black Cat Fireworks here.

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