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What are Rockets and Missiles?

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When you think of rocket or missile fireworks, then your mind turns to the firework screeching off into the sky and making a huge explosion. There’s no doubt that they can be spectacular to watch, but as with any firework, you need to keep safety firmly in mind.

To explain, look at the stick rocket as an example.

Safety with Rockets

With a stick rocket, there can be a sense of a certain degree of unpredictability in them. They aren’t like other fireworks that either stay where they are, or go straight up into the air.

What this means, and it applies to both rockets and missiles, if that you need to have a good amount of space where you can set it up, and everyone can be out of the way.

But that’s not all. You must also think about where the firework is going to land. This is called the fallout space, and you need to be aware of where this could be. After all, you don’t want people to be hit by a falling stick at that point either.

As an extra point, you might want to check with your local authority that there will be no issues with you launching rocket or missile fireworks in your area. This isn’t always required, but it does make you feel better about launching them. Some states and local areas have restrictions on different types of stick rockets.

However, safety aside, you may like to know that there are several options when it comes to types of rockets.

The Different Types

There are far too many types of rockets to really mention here, so a few examples can indicate the variety of options you have available.

From bottle rockets, to ounce rockets, the way in which they are capable of performing is directly related to the size of the rocket in question. That alone makes sense as the bigger they are, then the bigger the bang they are capable of generating.

How a Rocket Firework Actually Works

With a rocket firework, it’s fired from a tube, but make sure only the stick goes inside the tube. The fuse has to hang over the side, as that makes life a whole lot easier.

For the tube, please do avoid using a PVC pipe. It’s all too easy for the PVC pipe to shatter, and that’s going to lead to pieces shooting off in different directions. If possible, get a steel pipe as that’s going to offer the maximum protection. Also, the tube should be placed in a bucket full of sand to make sure that nothing can possibly go wrong.

Missile Fireworks

The first thing we need to say about missile fireworks is that you must have a flat surface. Take the winged missile firework as a guide. These guys have wings, just like an old-fashioned rocket from the 1960’s, and they are launched up into the air.

However, you need them to be sitting perfectly on the ground. If they are not sitting flat, then they can easily topple over after the fuse has been lit, and then you have a problem on your hand as that thing is going to go straight ahead, no matter which direction it’s facing.

With the missile firework, you simply stand it upright, light the fuse, and then watch it go.

Safe Disposal

As with any firework, understanding how to safely dispose of it is important.

The key is in making sure that the firework has been fully extinguished before you touch it. Then, place it in a bucket filled with water, and leave it there overnight.

After that, you can put it in the normal trash as it’s completely safe.

Rockets and missiles are wonderful fireworks to check out. They are entertaining. They put on a great show, and you can easily launch them yourself without any problems.

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