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The Top 10 Best Fountain Fireworks by Black Cat

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The best fountain fireworks provide a dazzling display of lights and colors. These are an exciting alternative to Aerials that aren’t any less colorful or beautiful. You’ll dazzle everyone at your fireworks event when you add any of these to your mix.

Read on to learn more about some of the best fountains available for your next fireworks event.

What Are Some of the Top Fountains to Consider for Your Fireworks Event

  • 100 Foot Fountain – A special effects fountain that has a mine shot (Aerial) at the end
  • Bug Zapper – National favorite, especially popular with families and children
  • Fish Crazy – Features a flying fish effect in the fountain
  • In Living Color – An old-school favorite with lots of dazzling colors
  • Little Big Show – A big show in a small package
  • Moonshine – Popular five-fountain spinner with silver & color “moonshine”
  • Neon Dragon – One of the best fountains that sometimes makes it hard to find
  • Packin’ Purple – A fountain popular because of its vivid purple effects
  • Quiet! – Ideal for people who love fireworks but hate loud noises
  • Neighbor Hater – Perfect to put in your driveway if you don’t care about annoying the neighbors

How Do the Best Fountain Fireworks Work?

The best fountain fireworks, like all fireworks products, use a single ignition. Despite being lower to the ground, these fireworks are pyrotechnic products, just as aerials are.

Once ignited, smaller 200-gram fountains will go up to about ten feet. 500-gram fountains may reach higher heights because of the increased number of pyrotechnics.

What Are Some Important Fountain Safety Considerations?

Safety is of major importance, regardless of what size fountain you are using. Fireworks can be hazardous if you’re not careful.

Fountains are low-level fireworks, which means that they stay on the ground. Anyone nearby needs to be careful about maintaining a safe distance to avoid sparks.

The disposal method for fountains is the same as the method for fireworks in general. After everything has cooled down, the fountain should be placed in a bucket of water overnight before being put in the trash to avoid any re-ignition.

What Stands Out About Small Fountains?

Small fountains are usually 200-gram. Most of these fountains have displays ranging from 30 seconds to a minute. Longer displays are possible, but they’ll be rare because of the decreased firepower.

These fountains need a clear, debris-free area to minimize the chance of accidental fire. Your audience will need to be 25 to 30 feet away for maximum safety. This distance is greatly reduced in comparison to the distance required for fireworks.

Best Fountain Fireworks: What Stands Out About Bigger Fountains?

Larger fountains offer bigger, more impressive shows. The larger surface area on top contributes the most to the bigger display size, so you’ll need to be cautious about your ignition to avoid accidentally igniting something you didn’t plan on.

These fountains outlast their smaller counterparts by a considerable degree. Some of these may easily last for as long as five minutes, which makes them a certain crowd-pleaser.

Bigger fountains can extend up to 15 feet. Planning around any branches or shrubbery that could be in the way is always helpful.

If you’re looking for low-level fireworks that always impress, fountains of any size are a way to go. From the loud, raucous fun of Neighbor Hater to the low-noise Quiet! there are fountains to suit virtually everybody.

If you’re interested in choosing among the best fountain fireworks for your next event, contact us at Black Cat Fireworks for more information on the best options for you.

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