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Should I Rent a Store?

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Should I rent a store or buy a tent?

There are several ways to store and sell your fireworks, including renting a store location for the 4th of July season. In all but rare circumstances, you should consider other options, though. Here’s why renting a store isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Do I Need to Rent a Store to be Successful? Probably Not.

Renting a store is the least common option, especially if you’re new to selling fireworks. Besides incurring higher costs with rental fees and electricity, it’s not even feasible in some places. In fact, most states won’t allow you to sell them in a building, citing several regulations against it.

Some places will allow it only if you have several accommodations like sprinkler systems, multiple fire extinguishers, multiple fire exits, and so forth. This obviously deters many fireworks sellers from going the “store” route. Generally, tents and stands are much easier to operate than renting a building.

Should I Rent a Store for More Security/Credibility?

Are there advantages to renting a building?

Yes, many owners appreciate how you can lock and secure things much easier compared to running a tent. Some places require folks to be on site all the time to watch over fireworks, which means you need that much more staffing for tents or stands. That’s one of many reasons we recommend new sellers pay special attention to finding reliable help during crunch time (July 4th week).

It’s much easier to have your fireworks stolen from tents, so stores are convenient safeguards against that. Climate control is another advantage. But with that comes extra utility costs.

Myth: You Need a Store for Credibility

It’s not necessarily true that a store automatically guarantees more business credibility. While certain fireworks tents may look unprofessional, it’s all about how well you manage them. A well-run tent, with plenty of employees, professional signage, discount opportunities, and other amenities can accomplish almost anything a store can.

Hard-Working Tent Sellers Can Out-Compete Fireworks Stores

You CAN win against the largest fireworks stores if you have plenty of hustle. Other than minor advantages like indoor air conditioning, tents have everything they need to succeed. In our experience, most of the upstart small tents can beat the fancy stores all day long.

Also, you’ll probably need to make a long-term commitment to get a store. Even though our business is a seasonal operation, commercial landlords want to lease to renters for an entire year or more. That will force you to incur much more overhead (rental fees) than you intended. It’s often a waste of time to rent a store for 12 months, but do nothing with it for the remaining 11 after the fireworks season finishes.

Other Prudent Fireworks Considerations

Now that you know renting a store isn’t always the greatest investment, it’s smart to think about a few other financial components of selling/buying fireworks. For example, which fireworks deliver the best bang for the buck.

We encourage buyers and sellers alike to go after those fireworks that never give you buyer’s remorse. In fact, the best fireworks sellers, those truly dedicated to the hobby and business, will try to promote outstanding items like 60-gram shells, zipper cakes, and even certain assortment packages.

Black Cat Fireworks: Available in Tents & Stores All Across America

It’s easy to find places to buy fireworks if you know about Black Cat. We’re all over the place, at least wherever it’s legal to sell them. Our brand is the most recognizable, not just because we have a cool logo, but because of our stellar reputation for producing the safest, most fantastic fireworks in the industry.

If you’re still wondering whether to rent a store, then you’re welcome to contact Black Cat Fireworks for more help on this important consideration.

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