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Shopping For Fireworks – Taking Your Game to The next level

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Shopping for fireworks is a ton of fun whenever you’re ready to take your game to the next level. So many Americans have fallen in love with fireworks as a hobby and can’t get enough of the new and amazing items on today’s market. We want to provide some helpful hints and suggestions for how to find the fireworks you really want without wasting time or money.

It’s always important to recognize that not everybody has the same tastes; one man’s “amazing” could be another man’s “ho-hum” in regards to fireworks. That’s why we always start by researching the firework effects to prevent the potential for disappointment.

Shopping For Fireworks Like a Pro Pyro

You probably know by now that if you want the best fireworks display in your neighborhood, then you cannot wait until the week of the 4th of July to begin shopping. That’s not enough time to research effectively. Real fireworks aficionados plan weeks in advance, keep an eye out for good deals all year, and understand that you’ll have to spend a little money ($200 probably won’t cut it) to ensure an optimal show.

We strongly encourage you to check out our website and see what you like among our huge selection of rockets, firecrackers, reloadable, and 200/500g cakes. It also helps to watch some of our tutorial videos, such as the one where Dave Guccione explains everything you should know about fountain fireworks. That’s how you get a feel for the lay of the land in pyrotechnics.

Most Common Types of Fireworks

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the most common firework categories:

  1. Ground Types
  2. 200g cakes
  3. 500g cakes
  4. Reloadable

It’s rather simple once you delve into it and see examples, but ground types are the ones you do closer to the surface. Then you have mid-level 200g cakes, high-level 500g cakes, as well as reloadable shells. Any expert will tell you that the coolest shows are the ones that mix each of these creatively.

Bigger Is Not Always Better; Mix Things Up Some

While it’s true that if you purchase that massive 1,000g box of fireworks, you’ll immediately catapult your game to the next level. However, bigger is not always better when it comes to fireworks. Case in point: there is plenty of premium 200g cakes that out-perform some of the bigger 500g cakes, but you have to do your homework on the effects to know that.

The other novelty items play a role in a good fireworks show, too. It’s a shame to neglect fun things like firecrackers and spinners. They’re the icing on the cake that complements the larger rockets and fountains.

Don’t Forget Fireworks Safety

Safety is your top priority in fireworks. You’ll ruin your show fast if somebody gets hurt. It’s important to take your time, and never do anything that seems edgy or unsafe When in doubt, you may want to error on the side of simplicity if you’re still inexperienced.

Always remember to plan for plenty of clearance, never fire off anything near trees or structures, and keep plenty of water on hand, including watering down the area prior to discharge.

Black Cat – The Best Place to Go Shopping for Fireworks

So, as you can tell, the way you shop really dictates the quality of your fireworks show. Black Cat welcomes you to visit any of our locations throughout the nation. Unlike other operations, we’re open year-round.

In participating stores, you can actually scan your fireworks package to view its effects on a nearby TV screen, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

Black Cat has helped veteran and rookie pyros take their fireworks game to the next level for decades. We’ve built the best name in the business with our approach to safe, high-quality firework items. It doesn’t matter if you like to select items individually or from a packaged assortment, we’ll have whatever you need.

You can always begin shopping for fireworks by reviewing our extensive online fireworks catalog, but don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our awesome merchandise.

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