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Interested in Fireworks at Your Wedding? Follow these Tips

Fireworks at Your Wedding

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Having a display of fireworks at your wedding is a fantastic idea. What better way to mark the special day than a big flashy bang to close it out? Fireworks make your wedding personal, special, and memorable.

But there are a few things you need to consider before getting fireworks. You need to make sure you put safety first and everyone and the surroundings are all safe.

Interested in Fireworks at Your Wedding? Follow these Tips

Fireworks at your wedding are a great idea but make sure you are prepared before letting them off.

Make Arrangements with the Venue

If you are planning on having your wedding fireworks display at the venue, then they need to know about it. Make arrangements with them, as they may already offer this service.

Don’t just surprise them by setting them off. They may have certain restrictions regarding time and loudness. They may also have their own connection and take care of everything for you.

Keep it Secret

It’s great that the venue knows. It’s better when they will take care of it. That way, you can give all your guests a fantastic surprise during the evening. Plan it all out with the venue.

You can get everyone outside for a toast or a thank you speech and then have the display start. Fireworks at your wedding will make it stand out and very special, just like the day.

Make it Unique

Find a few great fireworks to set off and make it more unique to your wedding. If you have a theme or a few particular colors you used for your wedding, then have those colors in your fireworks.

What could be better than having all your wedding colors up in the sky? Match the fireworks to your bridesmaid dresses, the tuxes, or the decorations of the wedding.

Consider Your Location

If your wedding venue is in a rural area, or the middle of town, you need to think about the surrounding area where the fireworks at your wedding will be displayed.

If there are farm animals, busy streets, or quiet neighborhoods, then all of these things need to be considered. It can be very disturbing for people and animals, in particular when they are not expecting it.

Choose the Appropriate Type of Fireworks

Besides the color of the fireworks, there are some that are not as loud as some others. Check with the venue and the company you get your fireworks from and ask about quiet displays.

The venue may already have these considerations in mind. If you have small children, seniors, and are in a populated area, quiet fireworks can still give you a great show.

Talk to your Photographer

Even if the firework at your wedding is a surprise, you want to capture all the magic on video or in photographs. Make sure you make arrangements for your wedding photographer to be ready and in place.

If people are aware that there will be fireworks, then everyone will be able to video them with their phones. You will still want to have the entire fireworks display captured to watch for many years to come.

Fireworks at Your Wedding

You should always get expert advice from people who know about fireworks. They can offer up some great tips on safety, display, and making the day and the display completely unique and yours. Talk to your Wedding Planner or check with the facility and ask them if fireworks are permitted for weddings and what is needed to host a wedding fireworks celebration.

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