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Firework Safety to Keep Your Children Safe

firework safety

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Safety must be a priority when using fireworks. Every single year, people, including children, are injured. Seriously in some cases. It’s vital that you understand the dangers and keep your kids, pets, yourself, and your property safe.

Lighting fireworks is an exciting activity, and you want your kids to be able to enjoy them. But getting over-excited and too close can be dangerous. The truth is several thousand kids under the age of 15 require medical attention every year due to fireworks.

Firework Safety to Keep Your Children Safe

Not just kids, but many people are injured when using fireworks. Even sparklers can heat up enough to seriously burn someone.

Never let Kids Handle Fireworks

Your best option to keep everyone at a safe distance from the area you are shooting and only let the adults light the fireworks. For teens, make sure all firework activity is under close adult supervision.

Keep All Fireworks Stored Safely

Fireworks safety means from the time of purchase to long after the display is over. Don’t leave or store your fireworks where the kids can reach them or get at them.

Stick to Open Spaces

Don’t set off fireworks in enclosed spaces. Firework safety must be always the top priority. Keep away from the house, sheds, dry grass, fences, and other structures. Make sure you have a large open area.

Keep Water on Hand

Your firework safety checklist should include, a bucket of water, and or a garden hose, or even a small fire extinguisher close at hand. It is also recommended the person lighting the fireworks wears safety glasses.

Don’t Relight a Dud

If you have a firework that didn’t ignite or go off, don’t touch it or try to light it again. Let is sit for 30 mins before drenching in water and disposing. Make sure the trash can used for discharged fireworks is stored away from your house or structure until the next morning.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol and fireworks do not mix! Have a sober adult handle the fireworks display and all of the lighting and setting up. Have everything prepared ahead of time and get someone who hasn’t been drinking to use the fireworks.

Hold The Sparkler for Them

The sparklers for kids seem harmless enough but they get extremely hot and can drop hot sparks on their hands, face, and clothing. Cotton clothing is best when around fireworks.

Firework Safety to Keep Your Children Safe

If you are not sure about firework safety, be sure to check the packing and follow the instructions there. Please ask us when you come in to purchase Black Cat Fireworks, at a location near you.

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