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How to Buy Fireworks For the Best Fireworks Effects

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We always meet excited patrons seeking to get their hands on the coolest items that produce the best fireworks effects. Perhaps this includes you. Black Cat invites you to continue reading to find out how you can take your fireworks display to a whole new level.

Fireworks Effects: The Basics

We want to begin by providing some direction on where to actually find fireworks packages that will show you the effects. Unlike in the old days, it’s really easy to determine what a particular item will do by researching a few different ways:

  • Visit
    We have an enormous catalog of fireworks arranged by type on our website. You could spend all day talking to someone about effects, but it might be faster to peruse through our huge supply of fountains, 200g cakes, 500g cakes, firecrackers, and all kinds of reloadables.
  • Go to a retail outlet and scan the package.
    Some retail outlets give you the opportunity to take a fireworks package up to a scanner, and when you scan it, you’ll get a video on a TV screen showing you its effects.
  • Research the types and styles you like.
    As we’ll explain next, there is a huge plethora of variation and sophistication when it comes to modern fireworks. Everything from the number of shots to the colors and sequencing comes in so many different forms.

Plenty of Different Styles, Sizes, Shot Variation, and More

Once you have a feel for the lay of the land, it’s good to look at the product types a little closer. You’ll often see us break fireworks into categories like “200g cake” or “500g cake.” The 200g fireworks are powerful items, surpassed only by high-level items in the 500g range.

500g fireworks like 200-Foot-Palm are going to give you a large display with a beautiful palm effect. At that level, they possess lots of pyro comp and produce the most awe-inspiring effects. You can, however, get a respectable display out of it, something like the Psycho Peacock, which does a cool fanning (peacock) effect with several color changes.

The number of shots matters a lot, too, but some fireworks are capable of amazing variation even with just a single shot. If you increase it to five or ten shots, then there’s almost no limit to the changes in timing and sequencing you can do. It’s nothing to have five or more effects going simultaneously.

Looking for Something Cheap? Go Green . . . and Red!

Your budget will certainly play a significant role in determining the range and quality of your fireworks. Did you know that green and red fireworks are the most common ones used for parades and celebrations in China? Yes, and they’re also the cheapest, which is great if you want to do a lot or you’re on a tighter budget.

Whereas if you want to do a show with several different colors, it will cost more. That being said, it’s usually worth it if you want neat effects like fish, comets, palms, and other cool stuff you get from an item like The Patriot (which comes with green, orange, lemon, cyanine blue, red plum flower, etc.). We consistently encourage our customers to set a firework budget, stick to it, then go shopping.

Visit Black Cat Fireworks for the Best Fireworks Effects

Black Cat Fireworks makes this process even simpler when you visit us in person. All of our products are not only clearly priced, but they have fireworks effects on the back of the package. There is no guessing game, so you’ll never suffer that buyer’s remorse that occurs when you purchase fireworks that fail to impress after lighting them.

Don’t forget to follow our other blog posts where we delve even further into fireworks items like this article that discusses plasma gun fireworks. We always intend to keep you fully abreast of all the fun developments in pyrotechnics.

Contact us today to find out even more about all the great ways to obtain the best fireworks effects for your next backyard fireworks display.

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