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How Long Do Fireworks Last and Do They Degrade in Storage?

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How long do fireworks last? Do fireworks degrade in storage? These are important questions that people often have if they have unused fireworks sitting around that they may want to use.

Understanding how long fireworks can be stored and still be effective is essential to proper, safe, and effective usage. You’ll be more likely to get the best bang for your buck when you store your fireworks properly and use them within a reasonable timeframe.

Are Fireworks That Are a Few Years Old Still Safe to Use?

Many people have concerns about using last year’s fireworks. However, there is good news – fireworks that are up to ten years old are often fully functional and safe to use. With many fireworks enthusiasts buying more than they’ll use at their show, this is a welcome relief for many, knowing that their favorites won’t have to do to waste.

In some cases, fireworks that have been around a little longer work better. Most fireworks ship from the manufacturers in container ships that have fairly moist, humid conditions. For fireworks to ignite properly and produce a more effective show, they must have a reasonable chance to dry out.

How Long Do Fireworks Last – What About Vintage Fireworks?

There are many pyrotechnics enthusiasts who enjoy vintage fireworks going as far back as the 60s. How long fireworks last often means that these fireworks are still as effective as they were when originally produced. Most of these much older fireworks are in the hands of serious fireworks collectors, who have taken serious precautions about storage.

Some of these vintage fireworks may have effects and color combinations not as commonly seen in newer fireworks collections. When these fireworks are still usable, they can put on an impressive show. However, such fireworks that are still in usable condition are relatively rare, making your chances of encountering any quite low.

How Long Do Fireworks Last and Do They Degrade in Storage: When Should You Dispose of Old Fireworks?

As a general rule of thumb, you should seriously consider disposing of fireworks more than ten years old. The quality of most fireworks has started to degrade at this point, and you aren’t as likely to have an impressive show. Lighting fireworks that are this old might be less safe because they may not ignite as easily.

When you dispose of your old fireworks, doing so as safely as possible is essential. Regardless of whether you’ve tried to ignite them or not, your safest choice is to let the fireworks sit in a bucket of water for a day. Once these fireworks are wet, you can dispose of them in your regular trash without any worries.

How Long Do Fireworks Last and Do They Degrade in Storage: How Should You Store them for the Best Longevity?

When you store your unused fireworks, a cool, dry location is best to keep your fireworks in top shape. These conditions will help keep the gunpowder in the fireworks dry, which is essential for the fireworks to function properly. The better your storage conditions, the better your eventual fireworks show.

Too much moisture in your storage location can make the gunpowder in the fireworks less stable. When the fireworks have unstable gunpowder, there is a higher chance of problems with the fireworks not igniting or igniting improperly, leading to disappointing or dangerous results. It’s better to err on the side of caution if you think the fireworks aren’t up to standard.

Black Cat Fireworks has all the fireworks types that you need for impressive shows. If you have any questions or concerns about using fireworks, including how long do fireworks last, contact us today.

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