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What are Smoke Bombs and Roman Candles?

smoke bombs

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Roman candles and smoke bombs have always been very popular when it comes to fireworks, but what are they, and what can you expect?

Knowing this information makes it easier for you to then decide if this is the kind of firework you want for your own display, so let’s check them out.

Roman Candles

Before we dive into what to expect, we need to clear up one important fact. People make the mistake of thinking it’s ok to hold a roman candle. That is not true, you should never hold a roman candle in your hand.

The idea of holding a roman candle is an urban myth, and it’s a dangerous myth at that.

What you need to do with all roman candles is to place it in a bucket of sand. The fuse side facing upward, and bottom part goes into the sand. Always face the firework upright.

It’s important that you only ever light this firework when you have a large, clear area. Of course, that applies to any firework. Check there are no trees nearby, and that there’s nothing in the immediate area on the ground that could ultimately catch fire. Also, people should be a minimum of 75 feet away before you light.

Their Display

A roman candle works from a single ignition. After lighting the fuse, the firework goes up into the air with it then letting off several shots. The number of shots can vary widely from 5 to 500, but with the 500, you are talking about a larger firework.

For the larger fireworks, you will tend to find that they come with a spike at one end. This is to make it easier to secure the firework in the ground as these guys pack a real punch. You can place the large, spiked candles in a bucket of sand. Make sure the candle is secure with no movement.

There’s no doubt that the larger roman candles are going to give you an amazing display. The range of colors and the heights that they can reach are impressive.

Smoke Bombs

As like the roman candles, a smoke bomb is going to be a single ignition fuse, and you will often find the fuse is sitting at the top of the firework.

Just as with almost any other firework, you should not hold a smoke bomb. It may look cool, but it’s dangerous and you should never do it under any circumstance. Instead, this firework is designed to be laid on the ground before lighting, and then enjoying the colorful smoke display that it can then produce.

This point regarding holding a smoke bomb needs to be stressed over and over again. It’s going to be an attractive firework to kids. They just see the color, and you need to think carefully about the safety implications as these smoke bombs do get very hot.

Smoke bombs do come in different options. They can vary in size while others come in a tube. However, each version does provide you with a spectacular display. Be warned that some of the smaller versions are only going to last for around 30 seconds. Larger versions may last for a minute while you can find some special smoke bombs that can last for several minutes, but they are harder to find.

Safe Disposal

Safe disposal of either a roman candle or a smoke bomb will be done in the exact same manner. You need to leave it for a period to check it’s extinguished, and then place it in a bucket of water overnight. The next day, you will be able to put the spent firework in your normal trash.

There’s no doubt that a roman candle and smoke bomb can add a real splash of color to your display. Yes, the roman candle has the bang and explosions, but smoke bombs can be a wonderful celebratory firework, so check out both of them to see which one you prefer.

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