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How Do You Properly Set Off Fireworks?

How Do You Properly Set Off Fireworks

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Knowing how to properly set off fireworks is a crucial aspect of the safe enjoyment of firework celebrations.

In this article, you’ll learn how to properly ignite consumer fireworks to stay safe while enjoying all of the excitement and fun that firework celebrations have to offer.

Why Is It Important To Safely Set Off Fireworks?

How To Properly Set Off Fireworks

First, make sure that you choose an appropriate outdoor area to light your fireworks. Keep a large bucket of water or a long hose nearby in case of sparks spread or start a fire.

Once you properly position your firework, locate the fuse in the next step in safe and effective ignition of your firework.

Locate the Fuse

The fuse is located in various positions on different fireworks packages.

On a package of consumer fireworks, such as a 200-gram or 500-gram repeater, called a cake, the fuse is generally on the side or back of the box. Simply peel away at the marked location to reveal the fuse.

On some non-aerial fireworks like smoke bombs and fountains, you can find the fuse located on the top of the containers. On rockets, missiles, and mortars, the fuse is located on the bottom of the firework.

It’s of the utmost importance to ascertain that the firework is oriented correctly before lighting the fuse.

Correct Body Positioning

Always make sure that no part of your body is situated over the firework as you position yourself to light it.

Using a 10 or 15-inch-long punk is an excellent way to maintain distance from the fuse as you light it. This method helps ensure that you aren’t hovering over the firework.

Many people who injure themselves lighting fireworks do so by not reading and following the instructions marked on all fireworks products. My law, every fireworks item must have instructions on proper handling and discharge.

How To Properly Set Off Fireworks: Once the Fuse is Lit

Once you light the fuse, quickly retreat at least 75 feet away for aerial fireworks to maintain a safe distance.

Standing too close to a firework after it ignites is another way people injure themselves every year. Be proactive about your safety and the safety of those around you by establishing a perimeter around the firework that is at least 75 feet.

Light One Fuse at a Time

Do not attempt to set off multiple fuses at once. Light one fuse at a time. Failure to do so could result in injury due to one firework going off too close to you as you are attempting to light another next to it.

If you wish to see multiple fireworks in succession, consider purchasing a cake, which is a package of fireworks professionally wired together with one fuse.

Or, you could purchase a product like a Roman candle that contains multiple exploding balls in one tube.

Black Cat Fireworks has a multitude of fun consumer fireworks options that set off multiple successions of bursts per package or tube.

How To Properly Set Off Fireworks: Final Thoughts

Firework celebrations are a blast and enjoyed by people all around the world. Being educated on the proper way to ignite fireworks ensures that you and your loved ones can have the most fun and best memorable experiences.

If you have any questions about how to properly set off fireworks, don’t hesitate to contact the helpful Black Cat Fireworks team here.

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