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What Are Firework Punks?

Firework punks

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What Are Firework Punks?

Firework displays are an exciting, fun, and colorful addition to any outdoor celebration, and using punks helps ensure the safety of your event. While having fun with fireworks is the goal, using them safely is always the number one priority.

In this article, we will be discussing this tool, what it is, and how to use it to help ensure the safety of your fireworks celebration. Continue reading to learn more!

What Are Punks?

In the fireworks industry, punk refers to a long, thin bamboo stick that is coated with compressed sawdust.

These igniters are used to light consumer fireworks and are often the lighting methods of choice.

How Do Firework Punks Increase Safety?

Every year, people are injured, sometimes seriously, by the irresponsible use of consumer fireworks.

This irresponsible use often stems from improper usage by not following the directions on the firework item. All fireworks packaging will have instructions on how to use.

Using matches to light fireworks fuses can also cause injury as this can sometimes lead to a sudden burst of fire emanating from the fuse.

Instead of using matches or practicing unsafe lighting techniques, we encourage consumer fireworks enjoyers to become educated on the use of these lighting sticks.

When you light one, it smolders rather than produces an open flame. This lack of an open flame increases the safety of everyone enjoying consumer fireworks while effectively lighting the fuse.

Because the stick is generally 10 to 19 inches long, the person lighting the fuse can stand back much farther away from the fireworks than a hand lighter would allow.

How to Use Firework Punks

To use, light it, and hold the end against the firework fuse. As with all fireworks lighting methods, be sure that you are lighting the fireworks in an unobstructed area and not beneath trees, powerlines, or near tall buildings. Always make sure that you point fireworks in a skyward direction.

On What Fireworks Can They Be Used?

You can use punks on any consumer fireworks lit with a fuse. This includes:

All Fireworks but sparklers

Where to Purchase?

Fireworks dealers often include them in the purchase of consumer fireworks. At Black Cat Fireworks dealers, if punks have not been added to your purchase, you can ask the sales associate to include them.

These sticks can also be purchased, often in packs of 100. These packages can be sourced easily online or at in-store locations.

They are affordable, accessible, and markedly increase the safety of your fireworks celebration.

Example of a Step-by-Step Roman Candle Ignition

  1. Find an open, safe area away from closeby trees, powerlines, and tall buildings.
  2. Take the spiked end of your Roman candle and securely place it in a bucket of sand.
  3. Put on ear protection and eye protection for added safety.
  4. Ensure that all people and animals are at a safe distance from the ignition spot.
  5. Light your punk stick, and place the smoldering stick next to the fuse of the Roman candle.
  6. Quickly walk away to a safe distance.
  7. Enjoy the show!

Final Thoughts

Using these tools to light your consumer fireworks is a fantastic way to increase the safety of your fireworks celebration.

Because these lighting implements are highly affordable and accessible (and are often included with purchase), using them is also highly convenient.

Remember, while everyone wants to have fun with their colorful, beautiful fireworks celebration, safety must always be the utmost priority.

If you have any questions about using punks for your fireworks celebration, you can always contact the knowledgeable staff at Black Cat Fireworks here.

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