Unique, Colorful & Quite Entertaining! Try it and you’ll like it!!!


Light up the night with these very special one-of-a-kind 14″ sparklers. Black Cat Neon Sparklers are unlike any sparkler currently sold in the United States. Innovative Japanese technology gives these sparklers the unique effects you won’t see anywhere else. They are called Neon Sparklers for a reason…they really do electrify the night with the bright colors you haven’t seen before in fireworks!


The Color Flame Waterfall Sparkler is packed with 5 super-bright, glowing neon colors of blue, white, green, yellow and red.


The Special Effects Sparkler pack gives you 3 different varieties of sparklers. The first is a special Color Changing sparkler. This one actually changes colors as it burns! The second has a great Crackling Glitter and the third gives off a brilliant Silver Flitter.


The final type of Neon Sparkler is the Triple Effect Sparkler. This may be the most innovative sparkler you have ever seen! There are two different varieties in this pack. One has color flames racing down while the bright glow of the gold sparkler tries to catch it…who will win? The second type burns one effect from the top, a second effect from the bottom. They meet in the middle for the final third effect. What other sparkler can do that? Now you can see why we said these are unlike any other sparkler you’ve seen!


Once you have tried the Black Cat Neon Sparklers you’ll be hooked. These colors are so bright and intense and the effects are so unique you won’t ever want to go back to the traditional gold sparklers. The Black Cat Neon Sparklers are sold in a bulk case with the three varieties mixed in a case, or in a counter top display. The counter top display pictured above is a great way to showcase the 3 different varieties of the Black Cat Neon Sparkler.


Special Assorted Sparkler Effects:

Triple Effect Sparkler Pack –

2 – Color flames race while the sparkler chases

2 – Back and fourth burning triple effects


Color Flame Waterfall Sparkler Pack –

1 – Blue Neon Sparkler

1 – White Neon Sparkler

1 – Green Neon Sparkler

1 – Yellow Neon Sparkler

1 – Red Neon Sparkler


Special Effects Sparkler Pack –

2 – Special Silver Flitter Sparklers

1 – Special Color Changing Sparkler

2 – Crackling Glitter Sparklers


The Black Cat Neon Sparkler Display Box custom designed to showcase these sparklers is available as stock # BC-313-15B.