This fountain has it all- that’s why we call it “A Fireworks Display in a Fountain.” Watch as shell like bursts spread across the stage. This performance is a hard act to follow.


Size: 6-3/4″ H x 4-1/4″ W x 4-3/4″ D (each side: 2-3/8″)

Avg Duration: 95 sec.


  1. White flowers with red & green sparks to crackling flowers with red & green sparks
  2. Yellow flowers with orange & green sparks to lazer with orange & green sparks
  3. Snow pine with red & green sparks to new gold sparkling chrysanthemum with red & green sparks
  4. Crackling chrysanthemum
  5. Chrysanthemum crackle with lemon sparks
  6. Green titanium rain