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Do People Use Fireworks for Gender Reveal Parties?

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Fireworks for gender reveal parties are very much a thing these days. A YouTube search will show plenty of videos with people having gender reveal parties, ranging from simple to elaborate.

The types of products that people use for these parties may vary, depending on the time of day, location, and preferred types of effects. What’s great to know is that these events can be fun and safe for all.

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

During the gender reveal party, the parents and possibly other family members, announce the gender of the coming baby. These events usually involve a bit of dramatic flair at the time of the announcement, using colorful effects to reveal the child’s gender.

Many genders reveal parties are daytime events, which could change the fireworks products that you use. Because these parties often take place during daylight, aerials and other fireworks usually ignited at night aren’t as well-suited.

What Are Some Safety Concerns About Fireworks for Gender Reveal Parties?

Many don’t give fireworks for gender reveal parties the same focus as other events with fireworks because these products play a secondary role. However, safety is no less important in these settings than in others involving fireworks.

Although alcohol has less of a focus than on, for example, New Year’s Eve, it helps to remember that some of your guests may have been drinking. If there are kids in attendance, parents might be more focused on socializing with other guests.

When you’re using any fireworks products, you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of space cleared out so you can ignite everything safely. The last thing you want is to have your grass or shrubbery catching fire.

Guests, especially children, will need to keep a safe distance from anything that you ignite. Kids can get excited when they see fireworks or novelty products, and their parents might not catch up with them very quickly.

An ideal situation would be if a video of your event goes viral for a stunning display – not for a major disaster that could have been prevented. A beautiful display managed properly will be one to remember for the right reasons.

What Types of Fireworks Are Used Most Often?

One of the most popular products used for gender reveals parties is an alternative to fireworks called Jumbo Smoke Balls. Many consider these smokes a safe alternative to fireworks because they produce no sparks.

These smokes also don’t fly into the air, so you don’t need to worry about flammable debris coming down. The Jumbo Smoke Balls have single fuse ignition, so you don’t need to worry about a lot of fumbling around to get everything started.

The smoke balls are easy to conceal, so your “secret” won’t end up blurted out when you’re not ready. When these smokes go off, the blue or pink smoke will let everyone know whether you’re welcoming a girl or boy.

Fireworks for Gender Reveal Parties: What Are Some Other Options?

There’s nothing wrong with adding to your big event with some extra fireworks or other effects. Fountains, like Fountain & Finale, are one of the most popular types of fireworks products that add dramatic flair. If you opt for aerials, Caribbean Palms offers one of the most dazzling color displays to wow everyone.

You won’t go wrong with having sparklers or handhelds for either before or after the big event. Gold sparklers are a perfect gender-neutral option for helping to build up to the reveal.

Gender Reveal parties are exciting events for parents-to-be and their loved ones. If you need help choosing fireworks for gender reveal parties, contact Black Cat Fireworks for guidance today.

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