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Where Can I Buy or Rent a Tent?

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Since it’s the most common venue for selling fireworks in most areas, you’ll want to know where to go to buy or rent a tent. While it’s possible to make your tent, this is not as common, so you’ll need to locate a good rental company. Fortunately, it’s not too hard and we’re happy to point you in the right direction in this quick article.

Tent Rental Companies: The Most Common Way to Buy or Rent a Tent

There are many tent rental companies all over the United States. They cater to not only fireworks sellers but also to wedding parties, birthday parties, family reunions, or anybody else who needs a big tent for any purpose. These are the folks who can help you with a reliable tent along with other supplies like tables, chairs, and so forth.

Tent rentals are NOT cheap because they’re rather large, meaning you’ll need help to set one up on your chosen lot. So, be ready for the cost of both the tent and full-service installation, which is how most tent rental companies handle things. When the fireworks season arrives, they’ll put it together for you, and then disassemble it around July 5th or the season’s finale.

Other Important Concerns When You Buy or Rent a Tent

You can also buy a tent or have one custom made for your business. Like we said, however, most folks rent them for the season from a local business.

Don’t forget to talk to the rental company about the proper square footage. The worst thing you can do is spend money on an oversize tent without many fireworks to justify it. Lots of empty space will look unimpressive and unprofessional to prospective customers.

The converse is also true. It’s just as bad to have too small of a tent and not enough coverage for your merchandise. If it’s not already obvious, you’ll find out the first time there’s a July thunderstorm.

Tents, Stands, & Stores. Which are Permitted?

As always, make sure you know the law of the land before doing anything. If, for example, you live in the state of Texas, your only options are to sell fireworks in a store or fireworks stand.

Then there are places where you can only sell from a tent or stand. If you can only sell out of a stand, then most tents are prohibitive. At any rate, it’s critical to know where you can sell fireworks, which fireworks are legal to buy/sell in your area, and which venues you can use.

What about renting a store to sell fireworks?

Rental stores are rare overall, only allowed in a few states, and require you to jump through a lot more safety and regulatory hoops. Most of the folks who work with us sell fireworks out of a tent or stand. We’ll further address the possibility of renting a store in one of our forthcoming blog posts.

Quick Caveat About Black Cat Trademark Tents

Now that you know you NEED a tent (or something equivalent) to sell fireworks, we want to insert a quick caveat about tent designs and logos.

Be careful with trademark concerns if you’re partnering with Black Cat. We have a trademark on striped yellow and black tents, so that requires Black Cat’s permission if you want to use something with that color pattern. That’s usually no big deal as long as you’re selling fireworks as a dealer with us, but make sure you ask first.

Contact Black Cat Fireworks for Help Selling Fireworks in Your Area

Black Cat Fireworks enjoys helping our selling partners succeed in their endeavors. It boosts our brand recognition and provides an outstanding way to make money as an individual dealer during the fireworks season. Therefore, you can always rely on us for help to navigate every logistical concern as you learn the ropes of the fireworks sales business.

For more help on where to buy or rent a tent, please contact Black Cat Fireworks anytime.

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