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Spinners, Wheels, and Wings: Why These Fireworks are Awesome

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Fireworks are a great addition to any event, and spinners, wheels, and wings can be used almost anywhere. You don’t even need to wait for a special occasion. These are a great time, every time.

You don’t need to have a grand display to enjoy your fireworks. Sometimes you just want to set off a few smaller fireworks to mark an occasion, like a birthday or a new job.

Spinners, Wheels, and Wings: Why These Fireworks are Awesome

Spinners, wheels, and wings are great fireworks for all occasions. They are colorful, fun, and available almost everywhere.


Spinners are a lot of fun. Just like the name suggests, this type of firework spins around when it is lit. There are ground spinners and aerial spinners. They spin around very fast and shoot out small flames and bright colors.

These are simple to use. Just light the fuse and then get out of the way. Make sure you have a smooth flat surface and plenty of room to let off your spinners and keep them out of dry or flammable areas.

Spinners are a great way to celebrate and let off a few sparks to punctuate your event. There are several different types and colors, so get a few to mix it up and really make the most of the evening.


Wheels fireworks can be called several things for various types. Catherine wheel, hypnotic wheel, or other names. They are similar to spinners but often larger, although they do come in a variety of sizes.

These are mounted on a sturdy post and lit. They spin around very quickly letting off sparks, flames, and plenty of colors. The larger your wheel, the higher it should be mounted for the best effects.

Keep in mind that the higher the wheel will be it will be more difficult to reach the fuse and light the wheel. For a larger audience, you will want it to be high enough so everyone can see it.

Find a wood standalone post with plenty of clearance. Don’t mount these on a fencepost, shed, or other places in your yard, regardless of how tempting it is.

The wheels can get stuck and that is not good as they will still be letting off sparks and flames. Be aware of how much wind there is, as well. Dry grass and vegetation near your home can all be in danger.


Wings fireworks can be on the ground or in the air. Often, they shoot straight up with a fiery tail behind them and then explode and rain down color and sparks. The sparks can often fan out to the sides and drop down, giving the effect of a bird’s wings.

These can be smaller, on the ground displays, or larger and far more elaborate. Either way, they are fantastic to watch and enjoy. They have a variety of colors to choose from and they are great for any occasion.

Spinners, Wheels, and Wings: Why These Fireworks are Awesome

Fireworks are a great idea any time. They can take any occasion and turn it into something remarkable and memorable. Don’t save your fireworks for a special occasion when they make any occasion special.

If you are looking to buy fireworks near you, use this handy search tool to find Black Cat Fireworks. Make sure you get extra for those times when you need to make a bang.

Black Cat fireworks have been providing great entertainment for many years, which is why they remain so popular today.

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