Top Five Omaha/Lincoln Fireworks Stores and Stands

April 22, 2021
Top Five Omaha/Lincoln Fireworks Stores and Stands

Finding fireworks in your area may not be as easy as you might think. Depending on what you need and whether the store is open all year long can have a bearing on whether you will get your fireworks, or not.

Fireworks can be a great deal of fun for any type of celebration or event you may be planning. They are perfect for any occasion, not just special annual holidays.

Get them for your graduation, you can get special fireworks for your wedding, for a gender reveal party, or the arrival of a new baby. You don’t even need a lot of fireworks to make your point.

You need to take proper care when handling or storing fireworks. They can be beautiful, but they can also be very dangerous. Take great care around the kids, never light them inside the house, and keep them well away from your property in case of fire.

Here are a few stores and stands for fireworks if you live in or near Omaha or Lincoln.

Top Five Omaha/Lincoln Fireworks Stores and Stands

Make sure you check to see that they are open before you travel to see them.

1. Shepherds Inc. Fireworks

The St. Columbkille Shepherds is a Non-Profit corporation dedicated to supporting the youth in the Papillion/LaVista area. This would include but not limited to the parish school, scouting, sports, and other youth programs.

They carry all the brands and all your favorite fireworks you love, plus all the latest products. The Shepherds conduct only one fundraiser each year, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Shepherds Inc. Fireworks
Corner of 84th and W Centennial Road

2. Patriot Pete’s Fireworks

They are locally owned and operated, and our headquarters in Lincoln, NE. You are supporting local non-profits, churches, school organizations, and families every time you shop at Patriot Pete’s.

All Patriot Pete’s tents are equipped with barcode scanners and well-trained staff to ensure a speedy and accurate check-out. Find all your favorite brands at a great low price.

​Patriot Pete’s Fireworks

3. Knapp Fireworks

This small but fully stocked fireworks stand has everything you need for your next big or small celebration. Find all your favorite brands, new products, and all at a great price.

Knapp Fireworks

4. Vinton Auto Sales Fireworks

Not just cars, but loads of low-priced fireworks. Check in with them to see if the fireworks are available all year long or just for the season. Well prices, plenty of selections, and a new car, too.

Vinton Auto Sales Fireworks
150 W 1st St
Cortland, NE 68331
Phone: (402) 798-7002

5. Black Dragon Fireworks

Catch this fireworks stand when they open for the season. If you need off-season, contact them for an appointment. They carry everything you need for your holiday fireworks, and more.

By plenty so you have them when you need them later in the year. They have every famous brand name you love and expect and all at a great price. Don’t miss out or they will be sold out.

Black Dragon Fireworks
Phone: (203) 788-1388

Omaha and Lincoln Fireworks Stands and Stores

Some of these stores or stands should have the fireworks you are looking for. Make sure you check to make sure that they are open. Some may be open all years, whereas others, just for the season.

You should have no problem getting what you want and make you ask if you don’t see it as many of these places have more than one location. You can also ask about ordering online or over the phone, and then doing a pick-up or arranging a home delivery. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can always try a different store.

Enjoy your fireworks responsibly as you don’t want to ruin the special occasion with an injury or property damage. Take care and enjoy.