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Top 5 Best El Paso Fireworks Stores & Las Cruces Fireworks Stands

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Many of us think about fireworks only at certain times of the year. But why shouldn’t we have fireworks any time we want? They make any event just that much better.

You can have them for your wedding, to properly mark the day, include them in a milestone birthday or anniversary, or for your graduation. When handled safely, fireworks are the bomb.

When you buy fireworks for your special occasions, why not buy a few more, so you can enjoy them at other celebrations. They really do add an extra bit of magic to anything you are celebrating, so why not.

Using fireworks requires caution, so be careful at functions where there is alcohol, young children, and don’t set them off close to your residence or a crowd of people.

Use them where it is safe and only according to the recommendations on the package or from the retailer you got them from. You don’t want to get hurt or hurt anyone else.

Here are a few stores if you live in the El Paso or Las Cruces area.

Top Five El Paso Fireworks Stores & Fireworks Stands in La Cruces, Texas

Always check with the shop you are intending to visit to make sure they are open and inquire about ordering online, pick-up and deliveries, or payment methods.

Diablo Fireworks

They are proud suppliers of Black Cat Fireworks. They have the Largest Selection of Aerial Fireworks in New Mexico and NW Texas.

They are the #1 Fireworks SUPERSTORE in New Mexico and the Southwest with over 50 years of experience. They are locally owned and operated by veterans of the fireworks industry.

Diablo Fireworks
1600 E. Ohara Rd
Anthony, NM, 88021
Phone: (575) 882-3632

Planet Fireworks

Check them out for all the top brand names and new products when they are available. They have a large selection and offer great deals, seasonal coupons, plus fundraising opportunities for your company or organization.

Get all the fireworks you love at great prices. They have several locations, so make sure you check before you leave for availability, hours of operation, and locations.

Planet Fireworks
2001 Avenida de Mesilla
Mesilla, NM, 88046

Bowlin’s Old West Trading Post

The Old West Trading Post is located on Interstate 10 (Exit 127) about 15 miles west of Las Cruces in southern New Mexico. Come to this store to find Mexican pottery, year-round fireworks, and the tremendous selection of souvenirs and merchandise that is offered at all our stores.

Plenty of options of fireworks to choose from, so make sure you stop, say hello, and pick up some fireworks for all those special occasions. They always have stock and sell Black Cat Fireworks all year.

Bowlin’s Old West Trading Post
13530 N Frontage Rd
Las Cruces, NM, 88005
Phone: (575) 524-4062

El Paso and Las Cruces Fireworks Stores and Stands

Hopefully, you can find a store or stand near you to help you find all the fireworks you need for your next big event. There should be plenty of items to choose from, and many of these places may be open all year long.

If you buy extras, you will have something for those occasions that can always use a little boost to make them more memorable. If you store them correctly, they will last until you need them again.

Always remember to use fireworks safely and only as recommended.

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