Top 10 Best Dallas Fireworks Stores & Firework Stands in Fort Worth

February 12, 2021
Top 10 Best Dallas Fireworks Stores & Firework Stands in Fort Worth

Searching for the best fireworks stores in Dallas or “fireworks stands near me” in the DFW metro area?

If you’re looking for some fireworks in Forth Worth or Dallas, you’re in luck, here’s our list of the top 10 best DFW fireworks stores and stands that you can find!

Finding high-quality fireworks can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. This top 10 list outlines the best in the business in the Dallas area.

When you want fireworks that will impress your friends and family, you can’t go to just any old place to get them, unless you want to disappoint them of course! Fireworks are something that you should be able to enjoy to the fullest and you can’t do that if you don’t have high-quality fireworks.

When it comes to fireworks, you should be getting your money’s worth. Fireworks are typically for special occasions, and if you want to make the most out of any special occasion involving fireworks, you’ll want to check out this list of the top 10 firework vendors in the Dallas area.

Fireworks aren’t just for the 4th of July, you can use them for any special occasion you can think of. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or just a barbeque, fireworks are the perfect complement to any event.

Dallas-Fort Worth is a great place to live, and it’s even more exciting because of the fine firework vendors in the area. Unlike other places, you don’t have to drive several hours away just to get your hands on some decent fireworks. If you live in Dallas or in a nearby area, you’ll have easy access to all 10 of these extraordinary vendors.

There’s nothing like kicking back with a few friends to watch the fireworks pop in your back yard. It’s a special kind of feeling, the kind that makes memories that can last a lifetime. Whether you’re stocking up for the 4th or just want to have some fun, you’ll want to shop with one of the vendors from this top 10 list!


Top 10 Best Dallas fireworks Stores & Firework Stands in Fort Worth


1. Nelson’s Fireworks

Nelson’s Fireworks is on the top of our list for a reason, they carry one of the finest and broadest selections of fireworks in the Dallas area. Nelson’s Fireworks has proven itself as a leader in the Dallas-area fireworks business.

They have achieved this reputation by offering superior products and customer service. If you’re serious about your fireworks, you’ll be serious about shopping from Nelson’s Fireworks! You can’t beat having premium fireworks at bargain prices, and when you shop at Nelson’s Fireworks, that’s exactly what you get!

Nelson’s Fireworks
1801 FM 730 North,
Azle, TX 76020
Phone: (214) 535-1739


2. USA Fireworks

USA Fireworks is a close 2nd on our list because they have such an amazing variety. Their online store is easy to use and extremely convenient. USA Fireworks isn’t just a firework vendor, it’s an experience. Even their website is on par with some of the most incredible and revered firework vendors in the nation.

Whether you’re feeling patriotic or just want a heck of a barbeque, you’ll want to check out the selection at USA Fireworks, it doesn’t get any more patriotic than this!

USA Fireworks
5025 Hwy 377
Aubrey, TX 76227
Phone: (972) 979-7102


3. NyTex Fireworks

NyTex Fireworks might be 3rd on our list, but it’s still way up there in the top ten. This family-oriented fireworks store has everything you need to get the party started.

Every party needs a main attraction, even if you’re only hosting 1-2 people. If you can’t host a crowd, then you’d might as well make it worth their while. There’s no better way to do that than to use premium fireworks from NyTex Fireworks, the smart choice for fireworks in the Dallas area.

NyTex Fireworks
3874 E University Dr,
McKinney, TX 75069
Phone: (214) 810 0312


4. Reno Fireworks

Reno Fireworks is among the finest fireworks stores in the Dallas area. You haven’t shopped for fireworks until you’ve seen their selection!

Reno has more to offer than a fine gambling experience, the fireworks at Reno Fireworks are among the best in the nation. The selection is nearly unparalleled and the service is sublime. When you need fireworks of excellent quality for a reasonable price, come to Reno! Here you’ll find all of the fireworks you could ever need all in one place!

Reno Fireworks
5625 Lamar Ave
Reno, TX 75462
Phone: (903) 784-1862


5. Top Dog Fireworks

Top Dog Fireworks might not be at the top of the list, but it’s still top-dog as far as we’re concerned, when you need to make something go boom, you need to check out the fireworks available at Top Dog!

Having a little friendly competition with the neighbors? Put them in their place with awesome fireworks that make a statement from Top Dog Fireworks! Don’t just set off fireworks, make an impression, and a bold one at that! When you want to make a bold impression, you’ll want Top Dog Fireworks!

Top Dog Fireworks
Phone: (713) 453-1616


6. Planet Fireworks

Planet Fireworks is another great hot-spot for high-quality fireworks. You haven’t seen Texas until you’ve checked out Planet Fireworks! This place is amazing, and you won’t find fireworks like these anywhere else, except of course from the other vendors who made our top 10 list of course!

You just can’t go wrong shopping for fireworks from any of the vendors on this list. Check out Planet Fireworks and see for yourself, it’s another world entirely!

Planet Fireworks
10465 US Hwy 287
Jolly, TX 76310
Phone: (940) 766-5774


7. Fireworks World

Fireworks World has plenty of new fireworks to try out along with the tried-and-true classics that you love, come on down and check them out! There’s something to be said about the firework selection at Fireworks World. Not many vendors take the time or have the consideration to keep the classics in stock alongside the new hits.

For those of you who have been looking for a classic firework you can’t find anywhere else anymore, give Fireworks World a try, they just might have what you’ve been looking for!

Fireworks World
7645 E US Hwy 82
Sherman, TX 75090
Phone: (940) 736-5938


8. Let’s Make Some Noise

Let’s Make Some Noise, the name says it all, when you want to go big with fireworks, you’ll want to stock up at Let’s Make Some Noise! When you want to make some real noise and get your hands on fireworks that go boom like they mean it, you’ll want to try your luck at Let’s Make Some Noise.

The selection and the service are incredible, you won’t regret making the trip out to Tool, Texas. Shop today and start making some real noise!

Let’s Make Some Noise
Hwy 274
Tool, TX 75143
Phone: (214) 837-6609


9. Starr Fireworks

Starr Fireworks has a great variety for all fire-works enthusiasts to enjoy. When you want high-quality, reliable fireworks, you should drop by Starr Fireworks and see what they have to offer. You can’t beat quality, reliability, and reasonable prices in one place!

If you want to be the star of your neighborhood, you should stock up at Starr Fireworks. The sooner you get your hands on some Starr fireworks, the sooner you can start making an impression, not to mention, you’ll have the time of your life!

Starr Fireworks
14745 Hwy 80 E.
Sunnyvale, TX 75182
Phone: (214) 538-1690


10. Eagle Fireworks

Eagle Fireworks is number 10 on our list, but it’s definitely worth checking out. When you’re looking for fireworks that will impress, you can’t go wrong with Eagle Fireworks!

Eagle Fireworks is more than a top-10 firework vendor, it’s a patriotic business. Show your support by shopping with Eagle Fireworks and stock up! If you’re red white and blue all of the way through, it’s time to become an Eagle Fireworks customer. Check out their selection today, you’ll be glad you did!

Eagle Fireworks
9120 Boat Club Rd
Fort Worth, TX 76179
Phone: (817) 902-6891


Now You Are Ready to Go to The Best Fireworks Stores and Standing in Dallas-Fort Worth!

You have many great opportunities to buy incredible fireworks in the Dallas area. Even if you live farther away, the firework vendors on this top 10 list are worth the trip to come and visit. Alternatively, some of them offer online sales.

With so many incredible firework vendors in the Dallas area, creating this list was hard work and it took a lot of hard decisions to filter out the true top 10. While you’re sure to get a great value when shopping from any one of the firework vendors on our list, you’d do best to try them all!

It’s time to go big in Texas by shopping at each and every firework vendor on our top 10 list! Remember, you can never have too many fireworks. You can stock up on fireworks all year-round just to fire them all off in one night, or set them off gradually.

Whether you visit these vendors on-site or shop online, take time to really go through their selection. You can compare prices to get the best deals.

Now that you know more about the top 10 firework vendors in the Dallas area it’s time to get out there and stock up!