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Will I Need to Hire Help for my Stand?

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Will I need to hire help for my stand when I become a fireworks seller?

YES! You most certainly need help running a tent, stand, or any other in-person fireworks sales operation. This is one of the most critical factors for determining success, particularly in your first years of running a business.

What are the Most Important Days to Hire Help for my Stand?

Whether you’re going to sell fireworks for a week, two weeks, or even longer, you’re going to need help. The key is having enough help on July 3rd and July 4th, which is not an automatic guarantee. It’s not uncommon for folks to back out on you at the last minute, leaving you empty-handed.

You might initially hire someone, even get a decent commitment from them, only to find out they had second thoughts about working in a sweltering tent selling fireworks. It turns out most people would rather stay home and barbecue or plan their own backyard fireworks show (you can’t entirely blame them).

Therefore, you MUST have your employees or volunteer helpers lined up well in advance. This is true for fireworks tents, stands, or stores if you want to avoid the dreaded “Mutiny of 4th of July,” where folks renege their promise to work for you. Don’t forget to schedule plenty of help for July 5th, too, since it’s also hard to get people to do the season-ending cleanup.

What About the Days Before July 3rd through July 5th?

What about before those days?

The fireworks preseason is important as well, but it goes at a much slower pace. Prior to July 3rd, most tents or stands will require two or three people at the most. Some places can get away with only one employee when traffic is slow.

Experience will show you where you need people the most. Again, during the early days each season, you can get away with being an owner-operator, but be careful not to burn out by trying to do too much yourself. Another smart strategy is to work for another fireworks seller for a season, figure out how they do things, and then use that as a template for structuring your business.

Should I Hire Help for my Stand by Contacting Relatives?

Do I ask for help from family and friends?

Yes, this is a very smart place to start because you’re going to want people you can trust, first and foremost. Just imagine what it’s like when you’re running a tent or stand. You’re basically camping and will need some support while you handle other things in life. Remember, you can’t leave your fireworks sales location unattended, so unless you can stay awake and work the entire season, you’ll need help.

What about hiring strangers off the street?

This is harder when you’re new to business. It’s easier to build a support nucleus through family and friends, but then work with strangers as needed. Like any other business, the ability to trust your staff is essential.

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