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Where Should I Store My Fireworks?

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Where should I store my fireworks?

Fireworks sellers need to know this to avoid losing money because of theft or damage. Since there are lots of rules and regulations on this topic, everything will depend on your state of residence and local jurisdiction. Therefore, we want to offer a few guidelines to help you develop a strategy for storing fireworks.

Where to Store My Fireworks: Best Practices

This is a very critical subject because there are lots of regulations in the fireworks business, and many of them pertain to proper storage. If you’re allowed to store them on your property, you’ll need to get a proper Ocean Shipping-Container and only store 1.4g of consumer fireworks. That’s typically what you can store on a rural property in most areas, but we recommend checking with your local authorities to be sure about this.

Bottom Line: You do not want to assume anything.

The reason the storage question becomes tricky is that many people run into problems with leftover fireworks. This happens when they only rent a temporary storage shed with nowhere to go with leftover inventory they don’t sell.

They’ll store fireworks in a temporary place before 4th of July, sell whatever they sell, but then have nowhere to put leftover fireworks at the end of the season. That’s why you should have reliable storage in place before you start your business; before you buy large quantities of fireworks.

Should I Store My Fireworks in My Garage?

It’s not a good idea to store fireworks in your garage. You can get away with temporarily putting them in there for a week or two, but it’s never a permanent solution, and we do not recommend it for any reason. Commercial storage of fireworks in a residential area is prohibited in most states

Fortunately, fireworks don’t really expire from one year to the next. You probably don’t want to sell them if they’re 10 years old, but they also don’t expire that quickly. So, it’s fine to carry them over from one season to another when you don’t sell everything (most dealers do this, too), but this makes storage that much more important.

You want to store fireworks in some place where it’s legal and safe, and always put leftover fireworks back into their original boxes. It’s illegal to store fireworks in banana boxes if you’re a seller (rather than a consumer). The law is different, with much more scrutiny, when you become involved with commerce.

So, again, the best way to store fireworks is to find a solid ocean-container, which usually comes in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes. Then make sure you keep it on a property where it’s legal to store fireworks.

More on Fireworks Storage & Degradation

We made an entire video post back in November 2022 about fireworks and storage degradation if you’d like to learn more. Like we said, you’re usually okay to sell and use fireworks if they’re less than 10 years old. You’ll know if you have fireworks that are too old when you experience difficulty lighting them.

For fireworks that are way too old to use, the proper way to dispose of them is to put them in a bucket of water for a day. You should do it that way regardless of whether you tried to ignite them. Finally, for optimal storage, always keep your fireworks in a cool area without too much humidity or moisture.

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