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When Should I Start Working On Setting Up My Fireworks Business?

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When should I start working on setting up my fireworks business?

Obviously, this isn’t the kind of project you piece together right before 4th of July, and hope to be successful. You have to hatch a game plan and act on it much earlier. Here are a few pointers, courtesy of one of Black Cat’s veteran sellers.

Start Working on Setting Up My Fireworks Business – About One Year Prior

You should start working on it at least a year in advance, ideally right after the end of the previous 4th of July season. If you’re new, there are a lot of things to do before you sell even one bottle rocket or sparkler.

You have to focus on location, licensing, and a plethora of other business management items. There is a lot of research that goes into this, especially regarding the location of your tent, stand, or store. The fireworks business, like many other commercial activities, is all about location, location, location.

You’ll probably have to rent something, and you’ll need to secure this well in advance. Leaving aside the red tape you’ll encounter, this is a competitive business with other sellers who are after the best fireworks-selling real-estate, too. You may be up against folks who have been at it for 10 years, and know way more than you.

That’s another reason you’ll want to learn from your vendor and ask lots of questions early enough to act on their advice. Later in the spring, they might not have the time to field questions when everyone’s busier in the thick of fireworks season.

Don’t Wait to Do This One Month Prior to 4th of July

Most people start their business way too late. We see many new sellers tell us they’re read to get started when it’s already June 1st. This is far too late to do everything it takes to start even a meager fireworks tent or stand.

You need to be ready to go at the beginning of the calendar year (at the latest). There’s an entire checklist of things to do that you need to do. You’re not ready for business until you have capital and inventory, a staff to help you, all of your permits/licenses, and a host of other things.

Start Working on Setting Up My Fireworks Business by Working for Someone Else First

Here’s the best thing a fledgling salesman can do: spend the first season working for somebody else to see how everything works. If nothing else, it will show you whether you want to do this. Think of it as a way to determine whether you want to put all that money, time, and effort into it.

Most people who stay in the business begin by working for somebody else, and it’s mostly in-person training. Always beware that running a fireworks business is indeed a business and not the same as hanging out and having fun lighting fireworks. There’s heavy lifting, customer service (helping people shop for fireworks), filing taxes, accounting, managing cash flow, unexpected calamities, and more.

It’s a business and not a get-rich-quick scheme. In light of that, consider this three-year plan for starting a fireworks business:

  • Year 1 – Work for someone else.
  • Year 2 – Get started, but plan to reinvest whatever profit you make.
  • Year 3 – You’ll know whether your business is viable and scalable.

Partner with Black Cat Fireworks for Optimal Results

Black Cat Fireworks offers a couple ways to partner with us and/or become a fireworks dealer. This is a great idea because it lets you tap into our 70+ years of brand reputation. Also, we can help you start your business on the right foot, and field all those tricky questions you may have regarding fireworks sales.

For all those who are ready to start working on setting up my fireworks business, contact us for expert guidance today.

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