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What’s In My Backyard Fireworks Show?

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A backyard fireworks show could be as simple or elaborate as you want. In many cases, fireworks shows fall somewhere in between small affairs where you don’t spend much and blow out extravaganzas.

There are some basic elements that are helpful to keep in mind when deciding what to get for the best fireworks for your show.

Choose the Best Novelties for the Kids

When you have a fireworks show, and there are kids in the house, you’ll want o to consider some novelties to keep them busy while they’re waiting for the fun to start. Novelty items that you can use during the daytime are often perfect for kids.

Some of the best daytime items to consider include smoke balls, snakes, and parachutes. Snakes can be purchased in assortments that include mixtures of glow worms, colored snakes, and black snakes.

As much fun as these items can be for kids; it’s important for these items to be used under adult supervision. These items are small fireworks and just as capable of producing sparks as other larger fireworks.

Sparklers Are Essential for a Backyard Fireworks Show

No backyard fireworks show would be complete without everyone having sparklers or Morning Glories. These are not only dazzling to look at but are a perfect way to allow everyone to be a participant.

Everyone will feel as though they’re part of the fun with these items. Even if they’re not personally involved with the lighting of the fireworks, everyone can appreciate the excitement that sparklers provide, even many adults.

Kids should also have supervision when using sparklers or Morning Glories. Although they require less distancing than fireworks, supervising kids will ensure that the event stays fun for everybody.

Using Items That Build Up Excitement

Starting off with smaller items that help build up excitement, like fountains, is an excellent way to get everyone ready for the show. You may want to start off with smaller fountains, like 200-gram, and then move up to bigger fountains, like the extra-loud Neighbor Hater.

You might even consider artillery shells, like Neon Diablo or The Patriot. As you move up to bigger fireworks, everyone will be ready to sit back and enjoy the show from your aerials.

Another advantage is that your audience will have something to watch while you’re getting everything ready. You won’t be under pressure to rush and possibly overlook something very important that can affect everyone’s safety or the quality of your show.

Backyard Fireworks Show: Important Tips for a Safer Show

One of the safety tips we cannot emphasize strongly enough is making sure everyone lighting the fuses is sober. Many accidents happen because of people shooting off fireworks under the influence, so this is a situation to avoid.

Making sure the area where you’re using fireworks products is free from debris will help prevent accidental ignition. Keeping your grass trimmed and trimming low-hanging tree branches can also be helpful.

When you’re doing anything with fireworks, it’s a good idea to light the fuses with a fireworks punk or a torch. These types of lighters offer an advantage over cigarette or fireplace lighters because you can avoid leaning over the fireworks.

A crucial safety tip when working around fireworks is making sure you move with deliberation without rushing. After all, you don’t want to end up falling when you’re dealing with fireworks!

Your fireworks show is as unique as you want or need it to be. All you need to do is keep a budget in mind and think about what types of effects you most want to see.

Black Cat Fireworks can help with any questions you have about an effective backyard fireworks show, contact us today to get started.

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