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What Kind of Manufacturer Support Can I Expect?

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What kind of manufacturer support can I expect when I begin my fireworks business?

Since it’s difficult to start and sustain a fireworks business all alone, you’ll want to know you have help from the folks supplying your fireworks. Here are a few things you can count on when you become a fireworks dealer with Black Cat.

What Manufacturer Support Can I Expect with Black Cat?

The support you’ll get from Black Cat Fireworks, which is substantial, will come through the distributor in the form of promotions, point-of-purchase materials, and lots of marketing expertise. This will include information marketing and plenty of lucrative social media exposure.

The advantage of working with Black Cat also involves having access to numerous seasoned experts in the fireworks business. Those are the folks who can show you how to price things, arrange effective product mixes, and much more. Whether you need help obtaining licenses, learning the rules in your jurisdiction, or just want to ask questions, it’s great to communicate with experienced fireworks sellers.

Black Cat Dealer Locator: An Outstanding Resource

If you’re a legitimate Black Cat dealer, you can also take advantage of the company’s dealer locator feature, which allows your business to show up on Internet searches. That’s so important for business exposure because it means your fireworks dealership will come up when folks search “fireworks near me” or anything to that effect.

The more direct support you get comes from your wholesale distributor. Keep in mind, this is your primary contact with Black Cat, the person who will help you stay abreast of everything happening nationally; every fantastic innovation.

They can hook you up with all the physical Black Cat marketing items such as banners, signs, bunting, and so forth. These are things you can’t find elsewhere.

This Includes Reliable Off-Season Support

We’re dedicated to the success of dealers within the Black Cat dealer network. One way we do this is constantly devising ways to help even during the off-season times. Remember, your best chance of success in the fireworks business is to be proactive early in the year, so you don’t have to scramble when 4th of July arrives.

Another reason it’s great to work with Black Cat is our 100% product commitment. Every dealer can count on our support for things like defective fireworks.

No products are perfect, so when there’s a problem, Black Cat helps dealers resolve any consumer dissatisfaction. If you have any issues, contact your distributor, who can connect you with Black Cat to resolve any problem.

Learn the Fireworks Business from the Pros

If you’re still curious about what it’s like to work with top-notch fireworks pros, then here’s a nice example from one of our previous podcasts. In this interview with veteran salesperson, Dynamite Debbie, you can learn all about selling fireworks from someone who’s built a business from scratch. As we always say, the fireworks business, although not a “get-rich-quick-scheme,” is a terrific way to make money if you’re ready to hustle and learn from mistakes.

What Manufacturer Support Can I Expect with Black Cat Fireworks?

Black Cat Fireworks has retail locations all across America in tents, stores, and stands of various sizes. We help dealers sell everything from the most popular reloadables and sparklers to 500g fountains and more. While there’s plenty of complexity to the fireworks business, it’s not overwhelming as long as you approach it like any other legitimate business.

That’s what we’ve done since the 1940s, making “the best you can get” in consumer fireworks. We can’t wait to have you on our team as a dealer/partner.

Contact us today to discover what kind of manufacturer support can I expect when working with Black Cat Fireworks.

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