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What is the Difference Between New Years Fireworks & 4th of July?

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No matter what area of the country you call home, the 4th of July and New Years’ fireworks are a big deal. However, both holidays usually have different customs that might vary depending on where you are.

To make any occasion where you’re shooting off fireworks for a holiday a success, you’ll want to know which fireworks are best. Read on to learn more about the fireworks that you may want to consider.

What Are Some Important Things to Know About 4th of July Fireworks?

July 4th is the most traditional fireworks day. Many people who choose to shoot off fireworks may opt to do so anytime between 8 am and midnight. With many cities restricting or prohibiting fireworks after midnight, refraining from using fireworks after this time is consistent with being a good neighbor.

There are several types of fireworks products perfect to use in the daytime, like smoke bombs. For some extra excitement for kids, novelty products like snakes or parachutes offer daytime fun.

As the evening hours approach, sparklers like Morning Glory help you gear up for bigger displays. Patriotic assortments in red, white, and blue are perfect ways for many to finish the evening.

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New Years Fireworks & 4th of July: How Are New Year’s Fireworks Different From Displays on the 4th?

NY’s fireworks are somewhat different from the displays that many choose for the 4th. Aerials are among the most popular, as fireworks on NYE are more of a nighttime event.

Many who use fireworks to ring in the New Year in Northern states may start their displays closer to midnight because of the colder temperatures. Fireworks with single fuses, like fountains and reloadable, are some of the most popular types of fireworks in these areas.

In Southern states, fireworks usage on New Year’s Eve easily rivals fireworks usage on July 4th. The areas that see the heaviest fireworks action include:

  • Houston
  • South Texas
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Florida

Because the temperatures are usually somewhat milder during the winter, many will start their fireworks displays at dusk. Between 10 pm and midnight is usually when people opt to do the majority of their displays.

Fireworks customers in Southern states often prefer different types of fireworks. Strings of firecrackers top the list of some of the most popular products. Diablo fireworks are popular for their neon colors and unique effects. Patriot canisters offer beautiful color displays with enough glitter to please everyone.

What Are Some Important Safety Precautions for Both Days?

Using fireworks is always fun, but everyone will get the most enjoyment from the experience by knowing how to use these products as safely as possible. As much as some kids love fireworks, an adult should always be present.

Choose an area where you don’t have a lot of vehicle traffic. You’ll also want to stay away from areas with a lot of overgrowths and power lines – what goes up will eventually come down!

Keeping a long attached hose or bucket at hand will help in the event of an accidental fire. Sparks can spread quickly even from sparklers or novelties, so you’ll want to be careful.

Knowing where the fuse is in advance will help eliminate a lot of problems. Before you ignite your fireworks, you’ll want to make sure they’re properly oriented.

Igniting the fuse with a punk measuring 10 or 15 inches helps you maintain a safe distance. Retreating at least 75 feet away will help you enjoy your handwork from a safe distance.

If you are new to setting off July 4th or New Years’ fireworks, be sure use the best fireworks on the planet – Black Cat Fireworks!

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