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What is Considered Proper Fireworks Etiquette?

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Fireworks etiquette is, among other things, an important part of being a good neighbor. Being able to use fireworks on certain occasions is important to many fireworks enthusiasts.

People who are inconsiderate about fireworks usage often annoy neighbors to the point of getting fireworks banned. Following etiquette when using fireworks products helps keep fireworks fun legal, and enjoyable.

Having a Plan Makes All the Difference With Fireworks

Having a plan is always helpful in preventing problems. One of your first priorities should be making sure fireworks are legal in your city or county. Otherwise, you might end up dealing with hefty fines.

You’ll also want to make sure any locations away from your home are legal for fireworks use. For example, many are unaware that it’s illegal to shoot fireworks off in schoolyards but still do so anyway. Just because a location is a popular spot doesn’t mean it’s legal to use.

Thinking about any neighbors with PTSD is also important. Many combat veterans have PTSD, and the noises caused by fireworks are a trigger for their symptoms. You may want to select an alternate location if any of your neighbors live with PTSD.

Making sure your pets are safe inside is also a good idea. The loud noises are particularly distressing for pets, who may try to escape out of fear. Calming remedies are available, but there is no substitute for keeping your pet indoors and away from the noise.

Cleaning Up After Yourself is Part Of Fireworks Etiquette

An important part of fireworks etiquette involves cleaning up after yourself. A relatively small show might leave a bit of debris behind that neighbors won’t want to deal with. Showing responsibility and cleaning up your mess helps keep municipalities more open to allowing fireworks.

Following proper disposal methods is also important. There is a slight chance of fireworks reigniting, so you are better off leaving the fireworks in water overnight before disposing of them.

Don’t Shoot Off Fireworks Too Late or Too Early

Some of the behaviors most likely to anger neighbors include igniting fireworks too late at night or too early in the morning. Most would consider shooting off fireworks after midnight too late for this type of activity, with the exception of New Year’s Eve.

Shooting off fireworks too early in the morning can also cause friction with the neighbors, especially at a time that’s a few hours before people are getting up for work the next morning.

Showing consideration for your neighbors helps your relationship and decreases the chances of noise complaints. Repeated complaints about fireworks often lead to fireworks getting banned.

Fireworks Etiquette: Avoid Fireworks Too Big for the Area That Will Be Too Close to Other Houses

Some fireworks look amazing at public shows but are more likely to be a problem in a residential neighborhood. If you are unable to maintain a distance of about 150 feet from other properties, you could have problems when you ignite your fireworks.

You may need to consider downsizing some of your fireworks a little to prevent problems. Researching the options that you want to use ahead of time can help you prevent problems. One of the things you can do is watch videos that show how these products work so you know if there’s enough clearance.

You can also ask one of the employees at your fireworks store to get an idea of whether your lot is big enough for the fireworks in question. If not, you can get recommendations for alternate products that are suitable for this purpose.

Black Cat Fireworks has the expertise that you need for everything fireworks-related, contact us today to learn more about fireworks etiquette.

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