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What are the Startup Costs?

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What are the startup costs associated with beginning a fireworks business?

While it doesn’t require a million-dollar investment to get into fireworks, there are some expenses you should know about in advance. Black Cat Fireworks always recommends that new sellers amass a decent amount of capital before starting a business in order to have the best chance at success.

How much do you need to get things rolling in the fireworks business?

The Basics of Managing Fireworks Startup Costs

Back in the day, it was much easier to obtain a loan as a credit-worthy fireworks seller. Nowadays, however, it’s much more difficult, so you’ll probably have to pay for fireworks (out-of-pocket) for the first few years in business.

What are the most significant expenses?

You’ll have to take into consideration all the product costs, rental costs for your location, energy generators, Tent-Stand or Building rental costs, light fixtures, and more. Rental fees can range anywhere from $200 to tens of thousands of dollars.

Fireworks locations can get really expensive, but don’t let that discourage you because you’ll usually begin with simpler, either a tent or stand. Just be aware that renting those is not cheap, and you have to have them to do anything.

Other Rental Items & Ancillary Expenses

You also need plenty of money to pay for light towers, power generators, cash registers, and other ancillary items. This can add up quickly when you consider all the things you’d find underneath a fireworks tent or in a retail store.

You can easily incur thousands of dollars in startup costs in the fireworks business. When you purchase a tent from a tent rental company, it normally involves installation service as well. Then if you’re operating an outdoor business, as most fireworks sellers are, you’ll have to include portable restrooms.

Other Crucial Startup Costs: Time & Employees

This all means you must have sufficient capital to make this happen. The other major consideration involves the significant cost of time. That’s because you’ll have to devote lots of it toward marketing your business, setting up a professional website, and much more. Even without a specific advertising budget, you’ll still have to spend several hours handling a website, interacting with customers on social media, and so forth.

Finally, don’t forget about the cost of hiring people to help you run your business, which is essential. This can be tricky, given the seasonal nature of the fireworks business, meaning you’ll have to find employees who are interested in temporary work. While it’s smart to find friends or family who will volunteer their assistance, you’ll definitely need to have payroll for employees before opening your fireworks location.

How Much Do Fireworks Cost Anyway?

It also never hurts to familiarize yourself with the market value of the products you’ll be selling. The cost of fireworks can be as low as 25 cents per item all the way up to hundreds of dollars for assortment packages and specialty devices.

Our team can show you all the details of pricing various items, but there is a significant initial investment into buying enough inventory from a wholesaler. You don’t want to get blindsided by the costs, either.

Learn How to Sell Fireworks as a Black Cat Dealer

It’s still a terrific time to become a Black Cat dealer and leverage our outstanding brand name to your advantage. When you work with us, you get access to numerous partnership benefits such as a spot on our dealer locator map. That allows customers in your area to find you much faster anytime they search for fireworks.

If you have other questions regarding startup costs in the fireworks business, we invite you to contact us anytime for further guidance and information.

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