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What Are Roman Candle Fireworks?

Roman Candle fireworks

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Fireworks are a staple for many celebrations and holidays, and the Roman candle is a popular choice. From the Chinese New Year celebrations to personal events such as birthdays and weddings, all stripes of fireworks light up the night sky.

These pyrotechnics are notably a favorite firework among folks who like to set off their colorful explosions. They are legal to purchase by individuals in many states in the US and pack a big punch of color and sound.

These fireworks are contained in a single tube. Once ignited, this tube fires multiple consecutive shots of ball projectiles that burst into colorful stars, fountain-like sprays, and comets.

Roman Candle Fireworks: Size and Capacity

This type of firework is used by both individual consumers as well as for professional displays by pyrotechnicians.

These fireworks come in a variety of tube diameters, lengths, and projectile capacities. The sizes and ball capacity vary significantly between individual consumer-grade and professional-grade.

Consumer-Grade Sizes and Capacity

For individual consumers, sizes are typically around a ¼ inch in diameter. Typically, the tube contains 5 to 10 balls that burst into colorful displays upon lighting. The tube length is typically one foot or less.

Professional-Grade Sizes and Capacity

The professional-grade products can be as large as three inches in diameter. These tubes can contain up to 500 pyrotechnic shells and can be up to three feet long.

In Which U.S. States Are They Legal?

As of 2022, several states have banned individual consumer possession and use of Roman candles. These states are New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah and California.

As a general rule, the Southeast has particularly fireworks-friendly laws, but it’s important to always check your state laws and local ordinances before setting off fireworks. Laws can change, so be sure to consult the most updated sites.

How To Safely Set Off A Roman Candle

To safely enjoy this firework, the first rule to adhere to is never to light the firework while holding it in your hand.

It’s essential for the safety of you and those around you to always light this type of firework by placing the end (which may be spiked) in either a stable bucket of sand or into a hard, stable, non-flammable object.

Always make sure that you have a clear, unobstructed path for the firework to take when choosing your location. Avoid setting these products off under power lines, trees, or next to tall buildings.

Be sure that a 100-foot radius is between the firework and all people and animals. Every year, injuries occur from irresponsible use of fireworks. Follow all safety rules to make sure that you and your loved ones safely enjoy your event!

Once your candle is ready to light, light the fuse with a lighter, torch, or punk, and quickly walk away. The next step is to enjoy the fireworks show!

Where to Purchase?

If you can legally purchase consumer-grade Roman candles, Black Cat Fireworks has an excellent selection online and in stores across the US.

Not only do we have a great selection, but we also have a helpful and insightful blog that contains safety information, interesting facts and fireworks history, and practical tips.

Roman Candle Fireworks: Conclusion

If you’re looking for consumer-friendly fireworks that are affordable, exciting, and pack a big punch in each tube, then definitely consider purchasing these delightful pyrotechnics.

Just make sure to follow all safety rules and check your local fireworks laws before you purchase and use them.

If you have any questions about purchasing a roman candle for your next celebratory event, then contact the helpful, expert Black Cat Fireworks team here with any questions.

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