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What Are Proper Methods of Fireworks Disposal?

Fireworks Disposal

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If you’re planning a firework celebration, you’ll hopefully be thinking about the safety of the event from start to finish. This includes the safe disposal of used fireworks.

Learning about proper fireworks disposal is just as critical as understanding correct setup and lighting procedures.

In this article, you’ll learn from the pros at Black Cat Fireworks how to properly dispose of your used fireworks to ensure the safety of yourself, those around you, and the health of our environment.

Wait Before Handling

Once a fireworks show is over, you may want to clean up the debris and head home immediately.

However, it’s always best practice to error on the side of caution when disposing of fireworks by allowing the devices to sit untouched for an hour. Allowing them to sit gives them time to stop burning fully.

Always keep a bucket full of water or hose nearby.

Proper Methods of Fireworks Disposal: Place In Water-Filled Trash Bin Away From Structures

Once you have given your fireworks time to sit, place all spent products, including duds, in an (ideally metal) trash bin that is filled halfway up with water.

It’s essential not to forgo this step as smoldering fireworks left in a dry trash bin can start a fire.

Ideally, you can also sweep up any dust or small debris from the fireworks.

Make sure the trashcan is large enough to accompany any large firework packages. Leave the trash can overnight next to the street and away from any structures.

The majority of structure fires occurring on major holidays, like the 4th of July, start from fireworks smoldering in bins next to structures.

So be certain to always fill bins with water and keep them away from structures. Do not put other items in this trash receptacle.

Proper Disposal of the Water

After allowing the fireworks to sit overnight, you can empty the water into a bucket and keep your fireworks in the bin or transfer them into another trash receptacle.

Transfer to Regular Bin or Solid Waste Facility

Finally, you can wrap or double wrap the fireworks in a soaked plastic bag so they don’t dry out, and transfer them to your regular garbage bin.

At this point, they can be disposed of through your regular trash pickup.

Remember that used fireworks are not recyclable, so always transfer them to a proper waste receptacle.

Outlined Steps of Proper Fireworks Disposal

Below are outlined the proper steps to safely and effectively dispose of your used fireworks.

  1. Allow fireworks one hour of cooling-off time before handling.
  2. Fill an appropriately sized trash can halfway up with water.
  3. After one hour, place all used fireworks, including duds and sparklers into the trash can.
  4. Let the fireworks soak overnight in the water-filled bin away from any structures.
  5. Wrap or double wrap the fireworks in a water-soaked plastic bag so they can’t dry out and transfer them to your regular garbage bin for pickup, or take them to your local solid waste facility.

Proper Methods of Fireworks Disposal: Conclusion

Knowing how to properly dispose of your used fireworks helps ensure safety and avoid potentially devastating accidents. For additional questions about the proper methods of fireworks disposal, you can always contact the reputable team at Black Cat Fireworks here.

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