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What are Daytime Fireworks & Parachutes?

daytime fireworks

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If we mention the idea of daytime fireworks, this is something that could be confusing for some people. After all, we are finely tuned to the concept of fireworks at night to allow us to really see the colors and the show it puts on.

Well, that’s not always the case.

Also, the way in which our mind thinks about parachute fireworks is also not an accurate representation of how they work. We get this idea of something floating back down to earth, but what actually happens in this instance?

Daytime Fireworks

A good example of a daytime firework would be a smoke device. It gives off colored smoke, so you don’t need darkness to appreciate what it’s capable of doing.

They will operate via a single ignition, so there’s nothing difficult about that at all. Also, some versions do come with multi-shots, so they send smoke bombs up into the air and can put on an amazing display even in the middle of the day.

These fireworks are very simple, and yet the display they can provide goes above and beyond what you would expect. They can certainly add some color to the day at a celebration.

But we also mentioned parachute fireworks in the title of this post, and they are rather intriguing in what they can offer. That’s because they are capable of being fired both during the day along with at night, but the effects you get will be different.

Parachute Fireworks

Parachute fireworks during the day is going to have to give off a different show. In this case, it’s going to be either flags or smoke, but it will still be very visible. With a night version, it’s going to be along the lines of a flare or some sort of crackling as the firework starts to fall back to the ground.

The variety of options available to you when it comes to parachute fireworks is pretty astounding. Even though most are going to be single shot fireworks, there are some that can be as high as 37 shots. This is impressive when you then have all those fireworks falling back down at the same time.

You may be interested in parachute fireworks that go up on, explode, and then a parachute complete with a model army man, or even an alien if you want, then drifts through the sky and comes back to the ground.

The one thing that you can be sure of is that parachute fireworks are a whole lot of fun, and they certainly give you something completely different check out during the day.

Safety with a Parachute Firework

As with any firework, you need to be aware of safety, and a parachute firework is no different. In this instance, the parachute can be caught in the weather conditions, and that does mean it can cover a substantial distance. Basically, it means you should only really fire this form of firework when you are in an open field or a very large clear area. In this instance, it’s also best if you are around 150ft from any structure. It just stops the firework from being caught up in a building.

Daytime fireworks come as a real surprise to people, but they are still more than capable of delivering that wow factor that you are wanting from a firework display. Spend some time checking out the different parachute options in particular as the variety of options out there does mean you can play around and have some fun.

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