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The Top 10 Best Artillery Shell Kits by Black Cat

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The best artillery shell kits provide all the bright colors that you want from your fireworks and more. If you’re in the market for something with lots of loud bangs and booms, these are perfect.

If you’re ready to start everything off with a bang, you won’t go wrong with using artillery shells.

What Are Some of the Top-Selling Artillery Shell Fireworks You Can Buy?

  • Diablo – A nationwide bestseller with 60 grams of 24 effects
  • The Patriot – 60-gram canisters with 24 shots and multiple effects
  • Neon Diablo – Features 24 shots with all-neon effects
  • Black Cat 5 Inch Double Break – 24 shots with multiple effects
  • Magnum Artillery – 12 shots with great breaks and effects
  • Star Spangled Cannon – 12-shot bowl shell cannon with lots of colors
  • Black Cat Bagged Shot Artillery – 12 shots that come in a convenient bag
  • Whistling Artillery – An artillery kit that features six shots with a unique sound
  • Festival Ball – Full-size festival ball with six shots
  • 6-Shot Neon Diablo – 60 grams of fireworks fun in six shots

Do Reloadable Fireworks Include the Best Artillery Shell Kits?

Many of the best artillery shell kits are found with the reloadable fireworks available from Black Cat. One of the things that many love about reloables is the ability to reuse the canisters for maximum usage.

These fireworks may be available as canister shells or balls. One of the things that also sets these fireworks apart is that they come in different sizes, usually four, five, or six inches.

What Types of Displays Can You Expect from Shells?

Of the different types of shells, the four-inch offers a single-event type of experience. With the fireworks measuring five or six inches, you’ll get more effects. Some of these may include fountain-like effects before moving on to the main explosion.

The six-inch fireworks are the most likely to offer unique effects because of the larger size. Some of these effects may include, tails ,mines , double breaks or rings.

Artillery shells offer some of the most “bang for the buck,” so to speak. If you’ve attracted the neighbors’ attention, you’re doing things right.

How Do You Light Shells Safely?

Whenever you shoot your artillery shells off, always find a flat, level surface. Keeping an eye on the wind is always a good idea, especially when conditions could change quickly.

Giving yourself plenty of space from buildings will minimize the chance of problems. Always shoot from a flat surface, making sure trees and shrubbery are not close enough to ignite from sparks is a good idea.

Keeping all your spectators at least 100 feet away from your launch will prevent a lot of injuries. Children are often particularly curious and may not maintain proper space.

Many canister fireworks have multiple canisters and shots. Dividing the shots up equally among the tubes, then disposing of the tube after these shots is usually the safest option.

When you use ball shells, there might be one tube for all your shots. If you have a single tube, making sure that you don’t exceed the number of shots in the kit is the best way to avoid any accidents.

When you’re planning a fireworks show, it helps to know where to turn when looking for the best results. Even beginners can put together impressive fireworks shows that wow their audiences with the right help.

Black Cat Fireworks has the expertise to help you put together an impressive fireworks show, contact us today with your questions about the best artillery shell kits.

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