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Some Novelty Fireworks You Need to Know About

Novelty Fireworks

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If your fireworks display is lacking a bit of flair, why not include some novelty fireworks? Find something a little different to make your fireworks event that much more special.

There are plenty of novelty fireworks to choose from. Find something that suits the event you are celebrating, or some fireworks that fit in with your theme, like New Year’s Eve or a tailgate party.

Not all fireworks go up in the air, some stay close to the ground and give you a great treat and something a little different.

Novelty Fireworks on Wheels

There are plenty of fireworks that are on small trucks or cars. Some have fireworks in them, some spin and have great ground effects. These can move very quickly so always shoot them on a hard flat surface.

From trucks to hot wheels, these are a lot of fun and look great in action. The Dragster speeds along the ground emitting fire out the back like a race car and moves quickly.

Ground Fireworks

For fireworks on the ground, there are plenty of novelty fireworks to choose from. Most of these are lit up or thrown or dropped. These are great for a little or big bang.

The Ground Mine moves fat, lets off a lot of noise and a lot of sparks. It’s sure to get the attention of everyone around. It needs a lot of space, so back up with this one and let it do its thing.

Party Poppers, Snakes, and Snaps

Snaps are smaller fireworks that you throw on the ground and they explode on contact. These can be fun for just letting off a few noisy flashes of color or light. Get a few or get a lot.

The Party Poppers are also a lot of fun. These have little bits inside that come out and explode through the area. Little streamers, glitter, or other shiny and moving bits are ideal for all kinds of occasions.

The Den of Snakes is another novelty firework. When they are ignited they start to grow and come right out up out of the box. They look like snakes and they keep growing and getting bigger.

Snakes can be colorful, black, or glow worms. Get the assorted box so you have plenty of all of them.

Novelty Fireworks

If you are looking for something different or a few smaller items for a last-minute special occasion, try out some novelty fireworks. They are fun, colorful, loud, flashing, and never disappointing.

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