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Shopping For 500 Gram Fireworks Cakes

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It’s time to discuss shopping for 500 Gram fireworks cakes, the ones that allow for the greatest volume of pyrotechnic excitement. Black Cat sells lots of these items to hardcore pyros and folks who want to put on the best show imaginable. Although these are generally the largest fireworks on the market, you’ll notice some differences from one item to another.

Black Cat is here to help you identify and understand fireworks, so you get the best bang for your buck by shopping for the ones you want.

What It Means to Fire Off 500 Gram Fireworks Cakes

500 grams is the legal limit for lift charge and pyrotechnic composition set by the U.S. government for a single-ignition device.

Whenever you see a device that calls itself a 500 gram cake, what you’re looking at is a legal classification on the maximum amount of firepower contained therein. 500 grams is the largest you’ll find. These fireworks will have at least 350g, but no more than 500g.

Some of our customers wonder if this has any bearing on the loudness of a firework. Generally, all of our items at Black Cat have about the same volume, but you can find many different sounds like whistles, which do not necessarily relate to item size. You might, however, notice that larger-board tubes are indeed significantly louder.

You can tell exactly what kind of sound and volume to expect from any of our fireworks if you watch our online video demos. You can also ask any of our retail clerks any questions about sound and effects whenever you’re in one of our Black Cat stores. Also, if you’re somebody who loves loud fireworks, but your dog doesn’t, you should read through this helpful post on how to help your pets overcome their fear of fireworks.

Two Examples of 500 Gram Cakes

Let’s illustrate the diversity of 500 gram cakes with a comparative example using the 49-shot Gunfighters from Hell device next to the popular Two Minute Fireworks Show. The former lasts for about a minute with a ton of effects variation, whereas the latter lasts double the duration, but involves a simpler show.

Both will deliver superb performance, but you have to know what you want from a device before purchasing. Sometimes, a savvy fireworks veteran will lead off with the longer item like the Two-Minute Show, to get everybody pumped and excited, and then transition into the more sophisticated, albeit shorter, 49-shot firework. This is where creativity and knowing how to sequence your fireworks choreography become so important.

Shopping & Research Tips

We can never overemphasize the value of doing your homework and researching firework effects. Just like you shouldn’t buy a car without test driving, it’s difficult to buy fireworks without knowing what to expect from them.

Your best place to learn about 500 gram cakes or any other fireworks is to visit our website, There you can pull up the name of the firework, read through the whole description of the size and shot count, and watch a quick video on what the device does. Here’s an example of a video we have for the 500g product, Color War.

Tons of 500 Gram Fireworks Cakes at Black Cat

If the best way to maximize your shopping experience is to check out loads of great fireworks options, then Black Cat should always be your first choice.

You have to ask yourself what you like most. Do you prefer fountains or whistlers? Would you rather experience a long show or something shorter, but more colorful?

Once you know more about what you like, you can make smarter decisions when purchasing 200g or 500g cakes. Don’t forget that Black Cat has hundreds of fireworks to choose from, and whenever you shop with us, we do everything to make sure you know what you’re getting. This is exactly how we’ve built the best name in the entire fireworks industry.

We can’t wait to show you our amazing 500 gram fireworks cakes throughout our massive inventory, so feel free to visit us in person or contact us any time with comments or questions.

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