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Shopping For 200 Gram Fireworks Cakes

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Are you ready to find out how you can get your hands on the best 200-gram fireworks cakes? Nowadays, there are a plethora of firework varieties, which gives you tons of choices, but sometimes the abundance of options can seem overwhelming. Here, we want to take a moment to show you the smart way to shop for the best mid-level fireworks.

What Are 200 Gram Fireworks Cakes?

The term “200-gram cake” is as much of a legal distinction as anything else. It doesn’t come from manufacturers or folks in the fireworks industry. The federal government regulates this the same way it regulates the nutritional labels on the food you buy.

If a fireworks item says it’s 200 grams, what that means is that it contains UP TO 200 grams, and never more. 200 grams is its maximum pyrotechnic charge. It may often carry only 120 grams of pyrotechnic powder, even if the package mentions 200 grams.

Why does this matter? You need to know because it explains why you’ll encounter dramatic variations between items.

For example, let’s contrast a 90-shot Pearl device with a 25-Shot item. 90 shots sound amazing, and it certainly can be depending on what you like, but those are markedly smaller blasts next to the 25-shot item with a slightly bigger tube. We can go a step further and select a 9-shot firework, one with much larger tubes and longer duration. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference when it comes time to fire them.

This should show you the relative nature of the size and shot count, but let’s delve just a little deeper into the firework nomenclature and classifications.

Understanding the Multi-Shot Categories

Never forget that not all shots are created equally. That’s because the size of the tube and the kinds of effects inside will determine what kind of shot you get. Bigger tubes usually grant you a more spectacular effect.

Therefore, it helps to know this when you’re reading a label and comparing items. There are three multi-shot categories you’ll see the most:

  1. 200g cakes
  2. 350g cakes
  3. 500g cakes

Again, those correspond with the maximum charge inside any single-ignition, multi-shot device. It’s okay if any of this seems less than intuitive. You probably won’t fully comprehend it until you get your hands dirty and compare things. If you want to take a closer look at this topic, you should read our post on multi-shot aerial fireworks for more information.

Bottom Line: Always Do Your Research

We stress this often because it makes all the difference in the world: you must do your research when it comes to fireworks. You can’t rely on an assumption that you’re going to automatically get a better show with larger items. You’ll never know the effects unless you go online (, look at videos, and contrast the various merchandise.

Biggest Fireworks Fallacy: The Bigger the Box, The Bigger the Bang

This is the most common misconception among novice enthusiasts. It’s a mistake to think that the bigger a box, the bigger the bang, or the better the effects. There are many ways to load a 200g or 500g cake, which will greatly dictate what you ultimately get from the product. This only further underscores the need to do your homework rather than relying on package art or size.

Tons of 200 Gram Fireworks Cakes Available at Black Cat

Black Cat Fireworks is your one-stop shop for a huge array of 200-gram aerial devices and 200-gram fountains. We have it all in terms of style, effect, and size. Our inventory includes all sorts of novelty items as well as packaged assortment products.

Black Cat earned the reputation as the top fireworks seller in the industry on the strength of our excellent customer service where we deliver the safest, coolest, and most affordable merchandise. We actually got the name Black Cat trademarked in the early 1950s, but our legacy goes back even further than that.

Black Cat is the best place to get your hands on 200-gram fireworks cakes and virtually any other item imaginable, so don’t hesitate to come to visit or contact us today to start shopping.

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