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How & Where Should Your Store Leftover Fireworks?

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You may need to store leftover fireworks sometimes. Maybe you bought more than you needed, or maybe it rained when you intended to use them. In any case, you need somewhere to put these items that are accessible, as well as safe.

Whatever the circumstances, knowing how to store your fireworks, so they’re ready for your next event is essential.

Is It Legal to Store Fireworks at Home?

In most states, yes, it is legal to store fireworks at home. However, even if your state allows fireworks storage, some cities and municipalities may have restrictions. You might want to check and make sure this is okay before you buy fireworks.

Your neighborhood or subdivision may have restrictions on what you can or cannot store on your premises. Contacting your homeowner’s association, if applicable, can give you some guidance on whether storing fireworks is a problem in your neighborhood.

Depending on local regulations, you might be able to store your fireworks at an off-site location. If you opt to do this, be sure to see if this is okay with the premises owner. Some storage facilities may decline to store fireworks because of liability concerns.

Store Leftover Fireworks

What Are the Best Conditions?

The most important things to remember are to store leftover fireworks in a cool, dry location. One of the advantages of keeping your fireworks in a cool secure location is preventing accidental discharge if the fireworks get near open flame or sparks.

Garages are often popular locations for storing fireworks; however, you may have to think about sparks from tools used in projects. Because most people keep their cars in garages, this may not be the safest option, with flammable materials like gas or oil being around. If possible, a detached garage may be a better option than an attached garage.

One of the safest places to store fireworks could be a shed or outdoor storage building with air conditioning or other temperature control. These conditions are very similar to a fireworks warehouse, which makes everything quite safe.

How Should You Store Your Fireworks Inside the Building?

One of the worst possible ways to store fireworks is loose inside paper bags. This is a poor storage method because the bags can break apart quite easily. If you don’t want loose fireworks rolling all over the floor, you need a better solution.

A sealed box is the best place to put your fireworks by far when you have them in the storage building. An advantage of using a sealed box is being able to keep prying children out. As fascinated as many kids are with fireworks, they’re unlikely to leave them alone when they see them.

If possible, storing fireworks in a dark location helps keep them from attracting unwanted attention. Fireworks are, unfortunately, common targets for thieves. Even if your storage location is well-lit, you can take some steps to help reduce the attention your fireworks receive.

One helpful thing you can do is store your sealed box on a higher shelf. Fewer people are also likely to notice the box. If you have a lot of people in and out of this area, the box will also not end up being a tripping hazard.

Although your fireworks should, ideally, not be something you have left over, circumstances do sometimes allow leftovers. When this is the case, it helps to have a plan in place. Contact Black Cat Fireworks if you have any concerns about how to store leftover fireworks.

Again, please check to see if storage is legal in your area.

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