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How to choreograph a Fireworks Show for your backyard

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It’s time to learn all the ins and outs of choreographing a fireworks show in your very own backyard. What does choreographing mean? It basically pertains to how you manage the discharging of fireworks with regards to the number of participants as well as how your time and deliver the entire display.

Black Cat wants to show you the best ways to make your backyard fireworks show one for the ages.

Basic of Doing a Fireworks Show

We must begin our discussion of fireworks with the safety basics. It isn’t right for us to lament excessive fireworks regulations if we don’t bother to do everything possible to avoid injury. Moreover, nobody enjoys a fireworks display when somebody gets hurt or sets bad examples for young people watching.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you have plenty of clearance. Next, make sure you always have plenty of water around. It’s also important to be away from trees and brown grass, clear out all the random debris, and water the ground all around the display area.

After you know how you want to secure things, it’s all about product selection and how many people you have discharging fireworks. This will depend heavily on your budget, of course.

Types of Fireworks: Ground, Low, and High

There are three types of fireworks:

  1. Ground-Based – usually fountains
  2. Low-Level Fireworks – roughly around the 200g cake level.
  3. High-Level Fireworks – the big ones; typically the 500g reloadable options.

You can either do one or all these separately, sequentially, or simultaneously. Prepare yourself for this by having ample room, especially for a more elaborate show.

Different Options Depending on Experience & Participants

It can get really fun if you have two or three participants who know what they’re doing. If everybody knows the best safety practices, then it becomes possible to coordinate a fireworks display with all three types: ground, low, and high.

For example, while you’re lighting a fountain, someone else could be working on a 200g cake, while yet another person could be working toward a grand finale with a high-end 500g reloadable. The possibilities are endless, but again, everything depends on a foundation of safety and common sense. So, make sure your team has a plan before trying anything fancy.

What if you’re doing the show solo? You can still do a pretty dynamic show, but you’ll need to be very deliberate about it. Follow these steps:

  1. Layout all your fireworks in front of you.
  2. Have everything pre-set carefully.
  3. Then walk the line with either a punk or a torch. The torch method is a little more advanced because it requires a little more experience using it before trying it on a lot of fireworks.

Lastly, you may hear folks online talk about new and innovative ways to discharge fireworks electronically. This is a novel concept and yet another way to operate fireworks less manually. Also, don’t forget to review our helpful tips on how to safely dispose of fireworks.

Come to Black Cat to Set Up a Fireworks Show You’ll Never Forget

You can pull off an exciting at home fireworks display if you choreograph it carefully and effectively. It’s a blast doing it with some of your buddies. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll love trying on one of our dozens of 500g aerial shells like The Terminator.

You can find any item at Black Cat Fireworks, America’s most recognized brand in the industry. We have stores all across the country, and we’ve been selling the safest and most awe-inspiring fireworks since the 1940s.

Choreographing a fireworks show isn’t rocket science (though it involves rockets), but if you aren’t sure what to do, you can always contact us to learn more, and we’d be happy to guide you through the process.

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