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Helping Your Pet Overcome Their Fear of Fireworks

Your Pet Overcome Their Fear of Fireworks

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If you are looking at helping your pet overcome their fear of fireworks, there are a few suggestions available. Ideally, your pets should be kept well clear of the fireworks and made to feel as comfortable as possible.

If you live in an area that has a large public display of fireworks a few times a year, your pets are likely pretty good at hiding and trying to avoid it. If you can remove them from the area, then do so.

Helping Your Pet Overcome Their Fear of Fireworks

When you are looking for ways of helping your pet overcome its fear of fireworks, it’s best you understand your pet’s hearing capabilities. Pets hear by vibration, so they can hear things a long way away.

Your dog can hear sounds at least four times stronger than the human ear and your cat has the ability to hear things forty times better. It’s been proven that your cat and dog can recognize your footsteps and your scent up to 100 yards away.

The question would be why would you expose your pet to the sounds and the smells of fireworks? If your dog or cat hides during a thunderstorm, you are better off providing comfort rather than trying to get them used to it.

Keep The Pets Inside

Helping your pet overcome their fear of fireworks starts with keeping them well away from them. Keep your pet in the house, preferably in a room they feel comfortable in and away from the noise and flashing lights.

Keep windows and doors closed and make sure they have a place to go where they feel safe. Access to a closet, their kennel, or under a bed is a good way for them to feel safe.

You don’t want the pets to run off, which is what they will likely do if they are outside with you. A secure room inside where they can’t charge around the house is the best place for them.

Provide Comfort

Leave the pets with food and water. Make sure they have their favorite bed, blanket, or whatever they like to sleep on. Make sure they have been able to use the bathroom and are set before the fireworks start.

Take the dog for a long walk before the fireworks start, so he will have used the bathroom and be tired out. They need a place to hide because the noises are extremely loud, the lights are bright, and your pet doesn’t understand.

Have a place for the pet to use the facilities in their safe space. A cat box or a pee mat for the dog can help save you a mess later. The pets will be able to relieve themselves and feel more comfortable.

Talk To Your Vet

Depending on your situation, helping your pet overcome its fear of fireworks might be difficult. There are calming sprays, treats, or even mild sedatives that you can get.

Ideally, medicating your pet for convenience is never recommended. You want to keep them safe and secure. These loud noises and flashing lights can have a long-term effect on your pets. Keep them away from the fireworks.

Helping Your Pet Overcome Their Fear of Fireworks

After a few years, some pets do get more accustomed to loud noises, like thunder and fireworks. Because their hearing is so sensitive, if it is loud for us, it’s much worse for them.

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