When these 1-3/4″ Shell bursts, what you are seeing are hundreds of burning ‘pearls’, carefully crafted pellets of chemical combinations that burn to create the mesmerizing lines of color you see in the sky. Richness of color, an extended pearl burn-time, and a ’round’ burst are just some of the qualities that set great Shells apart from the rest.


In the tradition of Display Aerial Shells, Exceptional Artillery (AS-1) is a selection of carefully designed and crafted Single Artillery Shells that aim to reach the status of ‘exceptional’ by achieving all the above criteria – a full and round burst, excellent duration and rich, bright colors. With these qualities fulfilled, AS-1 is sure to be a vital part of any display design. The design of professional firework shows is largely based around the arrangement and firing sequence of the Display Aerial Shell- the big brother of the Artillery Shell. It is of little wonder that the quality of the Aerial Shell is paramount to the discerning pyrotechnician.


Launch tube is 14″ tall.

12 Balls/12 Shots

Color & Effects:

  1. Brocade to Red
  2. Blue Ring to Silver
  3. Red Tail to Red Palm
  4. Green with Silver Palm
  5. Green with Crackle
  6. Purple and Green
  7. Blue to Silver
  8. Yellow and Blue
  9. Crackling Tail to Crackle Shell
  10. Red Ring with Crackle Center
  11. White Strobes
  12. Green Strobes