Firework Category: Aerials up to 500 Gram


Firefight 20’s

Need air support for your fireworks show?  Call in for this Firefight to join the fray.  Its rapid-attack weaponry with glittering stars, colorful mines, and

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Limited Edition

Limited Edition 32’s

Limited Editions are special and so is this cake.  Colorful, sizzling sparklers, multi-layered sequences with crackling mines, and a double finale make this cake a

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Miami Nights

Miami Nights 16’s

Nights in Miami are bright, beautiful, and colorful, and Miami Nights reflects the flair of evenings in The Magic City.  This true pastel cake struts

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Oblivion 150’s

Salute our independence with this 150-shot fanfare. This big angle cake shoots jets of color with a finale of crackling comets & silver palms.  

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Iron Dome System

Iron Dome System 198’s

This mega fan cake is an anti-missile defense system, shooting comets, chrysanthemum bursts, glittering whistling tails, a huge brocade palm burst, and other pyro weapons

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