Firework Category: Aerials up to 500 Gram

Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue 15’s

The lights are so bright…put on the shades!  Electric Avenue features beautiful big breaks of palms, glitter, and color galore.  It finishes with a sizzling

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O.J. 16’s

Enjoy some fresh-squeezed orange mania.  Citrus mines to tangerine comets and bright glitter —  you will definitely enjoy this high octane orange cocktail.   Size:

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Secret Agent

Secret Agent 18’s

A colorful mixture of orange and pale blue is followed by a chase of beautiful bow ties, and a bold finale of towering brocade palms

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Pink 16’s

Whether it’s honoring a special lady or welcoming a beautiful girl into the world, Pink offers the perfect celebration, with pink mines, pink stars, and

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Yeti 25’s

This Yeti cake is like the mythical Himalayan creature — big, tall, and powerful. 25 laser shots of big brocades, glittering mines, and crackling tails

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Show in the Box

Show In A Box 21’s

A true one-piece fireworks spectacular! The opening erupts with a huge fountain of crackle.  Another crackling prelude leads to a trio of mines with fish

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Neon 20’s

Truly neon, truly impressive!  Big, Bold, Bright blasts fan the sky with fast and furious neon brocades and pistils.  Let it rip!   Size: 9″

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Neon King

Neon King 9’s

Lift your head to revere the King of 9-shot racks!  Big, bad, bodacious neon breaks.  You’ll want to see and hear this big animal roar!

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Martian 16’s

An alien attack from the Red Planet.  Glittering mines, spinners, and rapidly fired bombardments of red and green light up the night.   Size: 8-1/4″

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Shark Bite

Shark Bite 15’s

This shark sports a mean bite, with delayed crackling mines leading the charge upward to big, sizzling bursts.   Size: 8″ H x 9″ W

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American Outlaw

American Outlaw 25’s

Send the gang after this bad fella!  Fast-firing pistols let loose a 25-shot barrage of huge colorful palms, brocades, and blinding glitter.   Size: 9-3/4″

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Blue 16’s

Celebrate honor and valor.  Welcome your beautiful baby boy.  No matter what the occasion, celebrate right with royal blue mines and glittering blue stars.  

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