Firework Category: Aerials up to 500 Gram


LED 15’s

Size: 8″ H x 9″ W x 9″ D Shots: 15 Effects: 1. White glitter mine & gold comet. 2. Purple star & green glitter.

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Hot Mama

Hot Mama 15’s

Size: 8″ H x 9″ W x 9″ D Shots: 15 Effects:  1. Purple star & green glitter. 2. Purple star & lemon star. 3.

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Fat Cat

Fat Cat 15’s

This Fat Cat holds a big wad of powerful fireworks!  Huge shots of titanium-gold willows alternate with billowing brocade palms, creating a rich performance with

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Neon Peacock

Neon Peacock 93’s

This angle-firing peacock struts its neon colors, shooting off a rainbow from peach, yellow, purple, green and sky blue to red.  And just when you

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1000 Gram Finale

1000 Gram Finale 74’s

This 1000 Gram Finale comes with 2-74 shot cakes. Size does matter. This finale cake is big AND beautiful!  Colorful comets with glittering tails lead

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Chameleon 9’s

For those who want bold, big, and brash, Chameleon fits the bill!  Huge breaks of half-and-half color balls surrounded by towering brocade rings.   Size:

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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider 9’s

Gorgeous, gargantuan shells with wide breaks followed by a dark red ghosting effect.  Ghost Rider may blow your ears and your mind!   Size: 13-3/4″

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Combat Zone

Combat Zone 120’s

Fire when ready!  120 shots of tracer and sniper fire featuring sparkling comets, colorful mines with brocade tails, and sparkling whistles, followed by a zinging

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Red Light

Red Light 24’s

A pyro Red Light district with plenty of struttin’ action – tails, stars, glitter, brocades, and spinners, with a red glittering mine and whistle finale.

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1000 Gram Display

1000 Gram Display 51’s

This 1000 Gram Display comes with 2 – 51 shot cakes. The biggest, baddest, boldest display!  It’s fast, colorful, and scintillating and fills the entire

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The Freak

The Freak 15’s

Your friends and family will go berserk with The Freak!  A multi-layer show featuring crackling mines, colorful crackling comets, and a deluge of delayed crackle.

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Fright Night

Fright Night 15’s

Silver chrysanthemums and red and green leaves spar with colorful glitter and towering brocades for the crowd’s attention.   Size: 8″ H x 9″ W

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Frat Party

Frat Party 15’s

A pyro Frat Party with plenty of fun!  The action starts with a crackling mine and leads to colorful umbrellas and scintillating glitter before a

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