This mega fan cake is an anti-missile defense system, shooting comets, chrysanthemum bursts, glittering whistling tails, a huge brocade palm burst, and other pyro weapons against enemy aerial attacks.  A finale of chrysanthemum detonations completes a successful defense.


Size: 4-15/16″ H x 27-3/16″ W x 14-15/16″ D

Shots: 198


1. Red to chrysanthemum

2. Blue to chrysanthemum

3. White glittering tail up to whistle

4. Blue star with white glitter & red star

5. Purple to chrysanthemum

6. Green to chrysanthemum

7. Delayed crackling tail up to whistle

8. Brocade palm & green glitter

9. Lemon to chrysanthemum

10. Sea blue to chrysanthemum

11. Delayed crackling tail up to whistle

12. Silver palm & blue star with chrysanthemum