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Can I Sell Fireworks in My State?

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Is it legal to sell fireworks in my state?

This is the first question you must ask if you’re considering starting a fireworks business. If it’s illegal in your area.. Let’s go over some of the rules for selling fireworks in state and local jurisdictions.

Can I Sell Fireworks in My State? Here’s Where to Check

The good news is that most states allow the sale of fireworks. However, it is up to you to do your homework and ensure it’s okay in your area and under what conditions.

Your best resource is the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) website, which will show you whether fireworks are legal in your state. As you’re checking on this, you’ll also find out which kind are legal. There are many limitations and rules, from firecrackers to larger aerial items.

As of February 2023, according to APA, some or all types of consumer fireworks are permitted in 47 states. Massachusetts has a 100% ban on them, whereas Vermont and Illinois won’t allow anything beyond wooden sparklers or minor novelty items.

Check on Local Regulations, too

Then, you’ll want to check with local authorities to see if they have any restrictions. In other words, it may be legal to buy in your state but not in a particular town, city, or county.

You may live in an area with no regulations (rare), but most of us are in places with many rules. Fireworks are heavily regulated in several places across America, which makes this your first consideration before creating any business plans.

Can I Sell Fireworks in My State . . . from my House?

Occasionally, we hear from folks who want to sell fireworks from their home. While we can appreciate the idea, most local authorities have a different point of view.

There will probably be regulations on where you can sell fireworks in almost any local jurisdiction. Cities normally allow fireworks sales in certain zones, which they may regulate to the fringe corner of town (or the county). It’s unlikely, for example, to be able to sell them in residential neighborhoods. For about 99.99% of communities, you can rule out selling fireworks from your home.

Other Fireworks Sales Considerations

We always warn new sellers that it’s not like the 4th of July, where you have fun lighting fireworks. When you decide to become a seller, it’s very business-like, and that will consume most of your time.

Since it’s that way, you should draft an actual business plan with a budget and plenty of capital for operations. While doing that, think of fireworks sales as a 14-day season. This refers to that crunch time, right before the 4th of July, when you’ll be extraordinarily busy running your fireworks stand, tent, or store.

Never forget that it’s a seasonal business where you’ll make virtually all your money in about 48 hours. Therefore, you must prepare for a short but intense rush of work.

Become a Fireworks Sales Person with Black Cat

If any of this overwhelms or confuses you, don’t panic because it’s not impossible to sell fireworks and do so profitably. Black Cat Fireworks even offers ways to partner with us or become a dealer for our brand.

This is a great way to jump into the fireworks business and leverage the popular Black Cat trademark. We like it because it helps us spread our business into several new locations, and it helps you tap into our proven fireworks sales system. Now is a great time to join us in what we’ve been doing since the 1940s.

If you still need help with answering the question, “can I sell fireworks in my state,” then contact us for expert guidance anytime.

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