Top 10 Best Seattle Fireworks Stands & Tacoma Fireworks Stores

February 12, 2021
Top 10 Best Seattle Fireworks Stands & Tacoma Fireworks Stores

Searching for fireworks stores in Seattle?

Every season, thousands of people in the Seattle area search for “fireworks stands near me”.

It doesn’t need to be a special occasion to set off fireworks.

They are fun and always set off a beautiful display.

When used correctly and safely, they are the perfect end to any event.

Many places sell them year-round, so you can always find them. They shouldn’t be kept just for New Years’ or the Fourth of July. They add a perfect touch to any event.

Use them for your anniversary, a milestone birthday, a new baby, graduation, or just to jazz up your family BBQ.

They are usually readily available, so why not use them as often as you can?


Top 10 Best Seattle Fireworks Stands and Stores


If you are new to buying fireworks or new to the Seattle area, here is a list of fireworks stores and stands that should help you get started.


1. Thunder Fireworks

Established in 1984 in Tacoma Washington, Thunder Fireworks, Inc, a Washington Corporation has unrivaled experience in the importation, distribution, and retailing of consumer fireworks.

Since its inception, the company has been an innovator in its field and is responsible for high quality and a large variety of products to select from. They now offer fireworks for sale online in our new shopping cart store.

Thunder Fireworks is committed to providing the highest quality of product and variety with superior customer service. They offer fast delivery and drop shipments. All customers must provide a license before receiving a price list or placing an order.

Thunder Fireworks
5207 187th St. East
Tacoma, WA, US 98446
Phone: (253) 875-0700


2. West Coast Fireworks

Here you will find a large array of fireworks, everything from Roman Candles and Black Cats, to fireworks for kids. They carry several different party packs for those who can’t decide.

They can also help you set up an event for fundraising for your organization or community event. Whether you want to buy fireworks for your own use or sell them for a fundraising event, they can help you out.

Please check their website for locations, hours of operation, and for more information about selling fireworks for your own community events. They even offer gift cards for selling, as well.

West Coast Fireworks
906 E. Yelm Ave
Yelm, WA 98597


3. Bennies Jets Fireworks

Whether it is the ultimate fireworks or sparklers for the kids they have it all. Please check their website or call for their location and hours. They are seasonal, so make sure you take advantage of all their great deals while they are open.

Right next to Sky Kai Coffee on Highway 305 in Suquamish, you can find all the fireworks you need for your special event, plus they are available for sponsorship for all your fundraising events.

Whether you need fireworks for your fourth of July, New Years’, or any other special event, enjoy a beautiful display or booming aerial fireworks. Check for hours of operation and they have a fire truck standing by, just in case.

Bennies Jets Fireworks
Phone: (360) 598-4500


4. Zero Delay Fireworks

Started over 25 years ago by licensed pyrotechnician and fireworks enthusiast Alan Shannon, Zero Delay Fireworks was founded for the sole purpose of making fireworks purchasing a better experience for families.

Frustrated by the lack of quality products, reasonable prices, and knowledgeable people at most firework stands, Alan started the company with a hand-built wooden stand at the corner of the Jack-in-the-box and Brunswick Lanes parking lot.

Over the years it has grown to the massive tent-enclosed, carnival-style, family-focused event we know today. Check their website for more information regarding products available, locations, and hours of operation.

Zero Delay Fireworks


5. Boomer Fireworks

They sell a large selection of fireworks for all occasions at various times a year. Find everything you need for your New Years’ or July Fourth. They sell wholesale prices and quantity to the public.

Find all types of fireworks at low low prices. They carry all brand names you have come to trust as well as fireworks just for the kids.

Check their website or contact them and leave a message to find out their location and their hours of operation. Normally they are open from 9 am to 10 pm, however, their hours may vary during the off-season.

Boomer Fireworks
307 E Heron st
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Phone: (360) 580-7948


6. Fireworks With Frisque

Find great deals and plenty of choices at Fireworks with Frisque. They carry all the brand name fireworks that you love and more. They have been selling and supplying fireworks for over 20 years in the area.

They are only open seasonally, so make sure you check with them to know when they are open. With limited hours, you don’t want to miss out on all their great bargains.

Perfect for your New Years’ celebrations, or a fireworks display on the Fourth of July. Contact them for their hours when it is close to the holiday and get their latest schedule.

Fireworks With Frisque
236 S Union St
Newport, Washington
Phone: (509) 939-5858


7. Arrowhead Fireworks

Check out this site for all your firework needs. Ask the community for any advice or where you can find fireworks. Got fireworks to sell? You can put up a post on this community site and let people know.

It is a great way to find what you need or advertise something you have for sale, including fireworks. Let people know what you have or what you are looking for.

Arrowhead Fireworks


8. Quincy Auxiliary Volunteers

This is a nonprofit service club with proceeds going towards scholarships and community projects. Find all of your favorite brand name fireworks that you love and support a good cause while you shop.

Get all the fireworks you love, from Black cat and even fireworks for the kids here at the fireworks stand for Quincy Auxiliary Volunteers. Help support the community.

You can find all the fireworks you need for your special event and help kids and community projects come to life. Be sure to check for hours of operation, as they may be limited during the off-season.

Quincy Auxiliary Volunteers
204 F St SW
Quincy, WA


Now You Are Ready to Check out the Best Fireworks Stores in Seattle

Hopefully, you will find this list helpful. If you need fireworks for an event that isn’t on the Fourth of July or for New Years’, make sure you check out their hours.

Some of these stands are only open for seasonal shopping, so if you need something off-season, you will need to visit a more permanent location.

They will have their hours listed, but they may vary due to Covid.

Most of these stores and stands carry all the best fireworks you have heard about, have a wide variety, and even have variety packs of fireworks, so you don’t have to decide. Just get a bundle and enjoy them all.