Top 5 Best Salt Lake City Fireworks Stores and Stands

April 22, 2021
Top 5 Best Salt Lake City Fireworks Stores and Stands

Searching for fireworks stores in Salt Lake City?

Letting off some fireworks is a great way to express yourself and really liven up a party or event. Just because fireworks are let off during major holidays doesn’t mean that’s the only time we should use them.

They make a great addition to any event and celebration, like a graduation, an anniversary, a milestone birthday, or a new baby. There are fireworks that are especially for gender reveal parties, weddings, and they come in a wide variety of different colors.

When used and stored correctly, fireworks can add so much more excitement to your party or event. Sometimes, you don’t even need a reason, just set a few off for the fun of it.

You should always follow the guidelines and instructions on the fireworks and if you are not familiar with the particular product, make sure you ask at the store where you buy them.

If you live in Salt Lake City, or in the area, here are a few places you can find fireworks.

Top Five Salt lake City Fireworks Stores and Stands

Always check with them before you go, just to make sure they are going to be open.

Pyro City Fireworks Evanston, WY

Pyro City Fireworks is your year-round destination for fireworks, located 2 miles east of Utah/Wyoming in the big white building on top of the hill. Shop the biggest bangs, brightest colors, and largest selection of Black Cat fireworks. They promise a 100% no dud guarantee.

Browse through the best and biggest fireworks where you can “see them before you buy them” with our multiple TVs. Check the website for more deals, specials, and saving coupons.

Pyro City Fireworks Evanston, WY
952 Cheyenne Drive
Evanston, Wyoming 82930
Phone: (307) 444-5856

Pyro City Express

They are one ofthe largest retailer of Black Cat Fireworks in the country. They have partnered with Black Cat because they bring the best fireworks to the table hands down.

They value their customers and know that customer service is something that sets them apart from other fireworks companies. Combine that with an innovative product, the strongest brand in the industry and you’ve got everything you need to have an amazing celebration.

Pyro City Express
Phone: (801) 732-5880

ACME Fireworks

Find a large assortment of all your favorite brands of fireworks for all occasions. Find anything you need for your wedding, for big events, for all the holidays, and everything in between.

Get different colors for different events, and find everything you need at a great price. Contact them for hours of operation and for ways to order online or in person.

ACME Fireworks

SOS Fireworks

Check their website for a location nearest to you to find all the fireworks you love. Find all the top brand names and watch out for special deals, like buy one get one, free deals, and a lot of 99cent specials.

They carry all the fireworks you want for every occasion. Find things for your wedding fireworks, graduation, family reunion, or a new addition to the family

SOS Fireworks
Phone: (801) 560-7789

Salt Lake City Fireworks Store and Stands

Hopefully, you can find something you are looking for at any one of these stores or stands. Some may be open all years, some may have limited hours. If they have limited openings, make sure you get in fast to take advantage of the great deals and you don’t miss out on your favorite brands.

Always take the greatest of care when setting off and storing fireworks. Use them well away from the house, away from dry grass or fields, and warn your elderly neighbors that you will be setting them off.

Take care with children around and make sure you keep your pets safe inside the house, as they may get scared or try to run away.

Some of these stores have several locations, so if you don’t see what you want, you can always try a different store. Or, they may order it for you from their other location.